Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Good News Times Two

by Karen on February 7, 2012

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We had good news today for our family. My mother who had surgery for cancer several weeks ago was told today by her doctor that she is cancer free-pathology came back clear. Surgery took care of it.  Also we have a new addition to the family.  My nephew John and his wife Kandy  had a baby girl this morning – C-section 4 weeks early.  She had a difficult pregnancy and they had to have the baby early.  It was feared that she would be under 5 pounds and possibly have to go to the ICU but little Zoey weighed in at 5 pounds 6 oz. and in excellent health!  Much bigger than the doctors had thought.

My 87 year old mother now has 27 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren ( one more is due in early April) – wow we just keep growing and growing and some people ask if I make baby quilts for family – no way – too many to keep up with!!

Work on Joseph’s Coat, I am sewing the circles down this evening on that last diagonal row that I was going to do yesterday and didn’t get around to it.


Dizzy is coming along but I didn’t get done with as much of it this afternoon as I had hoped to, I got off to a late start on it – I had to get the grocery shopping done, then there was laundry to do also.  One thing after another and I was delayed.  I will try to finish it up tomorrow.  Right now the 2 rows on the end in length need to be sewed on and then the border fabric.


Several have asked about the Double Wedding Ring quilt hanging on the edge of the photo.  It is queen size, a Judy Niemeyer pattern.  It came with the paper piecing patterns but at that time I had no sewing machine working and I didn’t do paper piecing –I hand pieced it all!  The applique is needle turn. Hand quilted as always, I got best of show with it at the county fair in 2002, here it is.  It took me 410 hours to make from start to finish – and that isn’t the longest I have taken to make a quilt Smile


Now I think after NCIS is over I should have all the circles appliqued on Joseph’s Coat and I might move back into the sewing room and put the tv on back here and get more quilting done on Star Crazy. I haven’t put as much time into it lately as I had intended to.


Back To The Original

by Karen on February 7, 2012

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Yup, after all that changing this and that around Dizzy is going back to how it was originally planned.  Sometimes change is not good – In order to have blocks on point fit into this plan I would have to start to cut blocks down and take them apart and make them smaller – too much work.  I have no more fabric in this line, no room for screw ups.  I spent quite a bit of time on this last night and just can not make it work so it will look right.  Thanks for all the input – but I don’t want to spend more time figuring it out.  I had started this quilt with the intention of it being an easy quick fun quilt that would be using up some nice fabric strips gotten on a very good sale for a very low price.  If I did the blocks on point all the way around I would have to be using white with it as that is what is in my stash – that would be changing the whole look of this bold modern looking block pattern.  Not what I wanted.

So today I will be sewing all the blocks together.  In the stash I found a small amount of fabric that I can use for a very narrow border around the quilt to finish it off.  All the blocks pinned to the wall.  No leftover blocks in this design that was only going to be the other way.  I might move a few of these blocks around before I sew.  I just noticed one or two that I think are too close to others of the same print.


The border fabric up close.