Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Star Crazy and Joseph’s Coat

by Karen on February 8, 2012

in quilts

I got all of my circles appliqued on the row of Joseph’s Coat that I was working on last night so now it is time to get the next row of colors ready.  These are the colors that come next starting on the right side.  I was going to use some pinks too, but the colors I have just do not flow right going from the darker reddish colors to the pinks so I decided to leave them out.  I do not quite like how the pinkish/red flows to the lavender than bluish/purple but there you have it – this is what I have and it will just have to be!


I will be working on that for several days I’m sure as I need to cut more background pieces as well.

Today I got all the blocks of Dizzy sewed together earlier this afternoon and all are pressed.  I have the border strips cut out and I will be working on that today after I get off of the computer!

Last night after I got done with the circles on Joseph’s Coat I moved back into the quilting room and sat down at the frame.  I have been neglecting this quilt and not putting in time every day like I said I would.  I did get in an hour of quilting last night and I hope once I get the Dizzy top finished I will get back to work in here.

Star Crazy – the area I finished quilting last night:


The next area to quilt.  Then when I get done with this side it will be time to move over to the right side of the quilt and quilt out from there.


I already have over 50 hours of quilting in on this quilt and I have been working at the quilting now for 7 1/2 weeks.  I am maybe a 1/3 of the way done – lots of work left to do on it.  Now I guess I better get off of the computer and get those borders sewed on Dizzy and then take a photo – and take the design wall down and get my dinning area back in shape.