Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting Busy

by Karen on February 13, 2012

in quilts

I am so slow getting started at times!  I keep looking out the window at the snow Smile


One wouldn’t think someone who grew up with snow and lived in northern states for the first 27 years of their life would care if it snowed – but I get like a kid and I’m constantly looking out the window to watch it.  I have already pulled on the new boots that I bought before we went to Wisconsin in November (in hopes I would use them there and didn’t) to fill up the bird feeder and throw more on the ground for the little birds.   This was of course mainly so I could go out in the snow Smile the feeder still had some seed in it.


What have I gotten done – well I do have the triangles cut and I got started chain piecing a short time ago only to stop and go fill the feeder – now I guess I better get back to the machine – which is set up in front of the window so I can watch it snow!



Design Wall Monday–Pinwheels

by Karen on February 13, 2012

in quilts

This week on design wall Monday I am starting a new project with pinwheels.  We are at the beginnings of a snowy/icy day so staying home is what I will be doing.  Run on over to Judy at Patchwork Times and see what everyone is doing.

The start of the day— this photo taken just a few minutes ago – the weather forecast has changed somewhat from yesterday – now they are saying more ice than snow darn it! I wanted snow not ice.  At least the temperature is supposed to be over freezing by 4 PM or so – it won’t stick around long back to the 50’s tomorrow.


Fabric is pressed, I got that done yesterday afternoon,


The pattern and the instructions are ready for me to start pouring over before I get started cutting later this morning.  First I need to clean the sewing machine and get a new needle in – I haven’t done that in awhile – I tend to forget Sad smile


What are you all working on?  I will work on some of my other projects as well today I’m sure, but this one I will getting started on – no rush.