Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More on Pinwheels

by Karen on February 14, 2012

in quilts

Well I got the pinwheels done – can’t say they are perfect but they are done.  Some how I can never piece a perfect block, trimming always has to be done and then sometimes in order to be square a point will be chopped off.  Well I guess I could always make a couple new ones and toss the bad ones out, but I don’t.

How do you all handle your scraps?  Do you keep them like I do or do you toss them? I have heard of a lot of people tossing their scraps Surprised smile  – anything 1 1/2 inches or bigger I normally save.  Here is my cutting table.


Right underneath it is a box – that is where the scraps get tossed. When it gets full it gets reorganized a little bit so they are fairly nice and neat – the lid gets put on it and it gets put on a shelf.  This box is almost to that point and will be when I get done with this top.  Then I will need to get another one.  Right now I have 9 boxes full – this makes #10 so I guess I better start using some of these pieces pretty soon.  That plastic bag right next to it – full of scraps too – I ran out of boxes!


My 15 pinwheels for this top.


Next up is more 15 blocks – they are kind of done in a log cabin type of design except the center of each of the blocks is a 4 patch, then you wrap around like a log cabin for the next 2 rows – the outside of those blocks is white matching up to the white in the pinwheels.

One day I really will organize my scraps and cut them into useable pieces so I can just sit and sew – most likely just a patchwork of color – one day


Pinwheels & Quilting

by Karen on February 14, 2012

in quilts

I didn’t get near done what I probably should have been able to do yesterday – but – I did get six of the pinwheels done.  I was having trouble with color though and I needed to start pulling out some scraps to go with the color packet that I had and make it more of a scrappy quilt.  Four of the colors that I had are blacks – ok for part of the pinwheel, but that only leaves 8 colors left over.  I have to add more prints and color to that scheme – so it will be changed up a bit from what originally thought.

The pinwheels I have made – the one on the left – the green – might not stay in – it is rather dark and I’m not sure how it will blend – I will leave it for now and decide later now that I am adding more prints it might be ok.  One reason for adding more prints is the border – I want to flow into the border and I might run out – the fabric I have are fat quarters so there might not be enough to have them in the border too.


Some of the scraps I am thinking of adding to the pinwheels and the borders.  All different kinds – that is ok you know to start pulling things off the shelves and mix them in with what you have – yes it changes the original concept of the color of the quilt but I love scrappy quilts and I think it will work out ok – just wait and see before anyone says anything negative ok – and yes there will be some out there in blog land thinking “what is she doing – those aren’t in the same color scheme” but that is the wonder of scrap quilts!!


I will work more on that later today.  This morning is the dentist first for a filling and then exercise.  I am trying to get more exercise in – I have been a little too lax with exercise this winter and need to get in better shape.

Last night I worked for two hours on Star Crazy and got another segment quilted.  I didn’t get around to spraying out the blue lines so they are still there – I’ll take care of that later although sometimes they just stay in until I am finished with the whole quilt.


I even got a few more segments of the Joseph’s Coat row sewed together although no photo taken – I have about 4 more segments to sew then I can start to put the row together and get another row ready to start.  Very much taking my time with that quilt.

Another one I have been taking my time with is the Red and Green Applique quilt.  I still have not started the border – I think I am not happy with the applique I chose for the border and that has kept me from starting it.  Yesterday I got a new quilting book in the mail and saw a border in there that I loved and it jumped out at me and grabbed me Smile you know how that happens sometimes – well I think I found the border that I like but I’m not even going to show it right now because I might change my mind again before I get ready to start it.

Now I guess I better get off of the computer and get ready to go to the dentist and get it over with.