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Any of you who have a Kindle I am sure are always looking for some free books.  I know I always am.  A week or so ago CJ sent me a link to a site that list books for Kindle – I love it.  I have found so many free books that I now have so many books on my Kindle I do not know when I will read them all.  You can search by category at Pixel of Inkthey have mysteries, romance, sci-fi, Christian, cookbooks, nonfiction, children’s books.  They list daily free books – you might want to check them out – always make sure before you click to buy a book though to see if it is still free or if there is now a charge – sometimes the free price is for a very limited period of time.

I have selected to hear from them in a daily e mail that tells me what they are offering each day in the category of books that I like.

Have fun checking them out.

(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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