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WIP Wednesday – what is your works in progress.  Go on over to Lee at Freshly Pieced and see what others are working on.

For me it is Joseph’s Coat, Star Crazy and the nice neat modern red/black/white blocks that I showed yesterday – I plan on getting in a little work on all of them today if I can squeeze it all it!!

Joseph’s Coat – I finished up the last of the  segments sewed last night and have them all laid out on the floor to make sure they are right.  The last diagonal row is the one that is just laying in place and needs to be stitched together still.  When I get this row sewed on I need to measure the bottom for the width and see how many more rows need to be done.  By counting the melons though I think it is about 84 inches so I need a little more to get it to around 100 inches.


Now I have them stacked up in segments and I will start to stitch the row together.


Star Crazy – I have it cranked down and I’m ready to start quilting again.  Do you see the blue/brown star there on the end (the right hand side) the middle of that star is the half way point!!


Another view.Yes I still have a mess under the frame – I started to clean it out last week and have not gotten back to it – been too busy on all of these projects.


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