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Another scheduled post.  To get some exercise the other day I went back to working on clearing out the brush on the far side of the upper right side of the front of the property.

I started this last month with the intention of working on it almost every day – then the weather intervened, got too wet, then got too chilly – and then life just plain got in the way.  I did some work on it yesterday – made progress too.  In Arkansas we get so many trees growing – just way too many – too many prickly vines too.  I need to get some of those long leather gloves that people use for trimming their roses.

Here is one view – this is my brush pile that Mike will need to help me move to where he burns things – it is too close to the trees here.


Here you can see a tangle of things growing thickly.  I get my hedge clippers out and start cutting trees off at the bottom level to the ground if I can.  I want to be able to take my riding lawnmower in through here in the summer time to keep it level to the ground.   There is a dead tree in there on the ground also – half rotten but needs to be moved too.


That green thing in there is some kind of woody vine.  It is thick and I am having to cut it in numerous pieces so I can get it out of there, it is wrapped around the dead tree and prickly vines are caught up in and around it.


When I get a lot of the over growth cleared out I would like to get this “ditch” cleared out also.  It has filled in so much with pine needles over the years that it is no longer as deep as it once was.  Also trees have grown in it and have blocked the path of the run of water from storms and so it flows out into the yard.


Another photo to show how thick the undergrowth is in places – can’t get the lawn mower in through here!  Lots of poison ivy – I wear long pants, long sleeve shirts and gloves – Mike is allergic to the stuff – I have never had a reaction – but really I don’t know if I have just been lucky or what.  I will continue to take all of my precaution’s and watch where I touch and what I wear.


From the porch looking out towards the area the above photos are taken at.  Behind the row of shrubbery and cedar tress – those will stay for privacy – I just want to be able to keep the brush out.


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  • Bren Feb 25, 2012

    Your property is beautiful. So serene! My son would be in “boy heaven” there!
    Bren recently posted…Hand Quilting ClassMy Profile

  • Nedra Feb 25, 2012

    You really do have a lot of privacy. How wonderful to have property filled with trees.
    Best of luck with all the work.
    Nedra recently posted…Lost Goldmine Trail & PetroglyphsMy Profile

  • Deb Feb 25, 2012

    Wow Karen you sure have a lovely big piece of property.
    Deb recently posted…TASTMy Profile

  • Astrid Feb 25, 2012

    Love your property and your ‘jungle’. It looks so beautiful when cleaned, but I know all the hard work!
    Astrid recently posted…New York Beauty Quilt-A-LongMy Profile

  • Vivian Feb 25, 2012

    I was walking around our property today and realized I really need to do some clearing also.
    Vivian recently posted…Tiger Lily QuiltMy Profile

  • Gari Feb 26, 2012

    OK, I know that asking you to come clear out my property is not going to work so I will ask, what are you using to cut back all that stuff? I have 5 acres that I would like to be able to both walk around in it as well as mow through the rough parts.
    Gari recently posted…Design Wall: moving right alongMy Profile

  • Charlotte Feb 26, 2012

    This looks familiar! Typical Arkansas woods! I was on a mission to do some clearing underneath the power line where the men had left branches. Then I heard a truck coming up the road; it stopped just a few yards from me, two men got out, never seeming to notice me, but I got out of there as fast as I could! They had to see me and the Kubota. You just never know these days! So I haven’t been back to work; I wish I could take a BIG rake and sweep it all up.

  • Marie Feb 26, 2012

    Your yard is so beautiful and private. I’m still hoping we are going to do some major landscaping one day. It would really help if we weren’t under snow for 6 months of the year. Last year we also contended with 4 months of flood. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of time left for gardening or pruning. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful yard this summer.

    I hope things are going well for you Mom.
    Marie recently posted…Elvis and the Tropical Double TroubleMy Profile

  • Marie Feb 26, 2012

    Arg…that should be “your Mom”. 😉
    Marie recently posted…Elvis and the Tropical Double TroubleMy Profile

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