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My quilting has been suffering the past several weeks as I have been running helping out with my mom.  I have gotten a little done but not a lot.  I am scheduling several post for the weekend as I will most likely be too busy to post.  I might squeeze in one with a photo of progress of the triangles but most likely not a lot else.  I will be at moms Friday to Sunday.

I have been taking photos though so will share some of what I have been doing this week while I have been home.

First up Joseph’s Coat.  I got the latest row sewed on it the past two nights!  Progress.  I will get back to work on this one next week or the following I’m sure – as soon as we get mom settled in her new place.  It’s growing isn’t it.  Across the bottom it now measures 90 inches or there about.  I want it to be at least 100 inches and then it will start to get squared up.


I need to get the black circles made for this last row  – but I will do that next week.  Another angle – I wonder if I will have room for all of the colors I wanted in it!  I have a feeling I will run out of space – maybe I will need to make it into a king size quilt and get a new bed Smile


The next colors.  I’m sure as I get going I will have to leave more colors out of the stack waiting for me to use – I just won’t have room for all of them.  I think I have 6 in the purple family alone.


Next post – stuff about the yard.

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