March 2012


by Karen on March 31, 2012

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First off thanks for all your opinions on the triangles.  I have one border left to applique and then I will give the triangles and the rest of this quilt some thought.  I am thinking of multiple borders maybe ending in a queen size quilt.

Yesterday I enjoyed looking at more plants as so many of us here in quilting blog land tend to do in the spring  going by the number of blogs that have been sharing their gardens with all of us.

I noticed yesterday my lily of the valleys were blooming!  I love them. Such a light lovely smell.


Another variety of the clematis is blooming as well


You can’t see it but in the above photo there is a rose bush right underneath the clematis – a rose bud just about ready to bloom


Now I think I will get the grass cut and then I do believe if it isn’t too windy I will take Joseph’s Coat out to the porch to work on – if it is too windy I do believe I will purchase the second in the series “The Hunger Games” for my Kindle and get started – I do recommend the first of the series – now I need to see the movie one day.


A Little Shopping & Organizing

by Karen on March 30, 2012

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A busy day so far – and I do remember today what I have done so far Smile

Started the morning with the quilting group – small group but had fun and I am one petal short of finishing the 3rd border on Pineapple Square.  From there I met Mike for lunch at Pizza Hut – we ran into a small group of guys that he works with when working and one lady – who I also know from quilting groups so we had lunch with them. From there I had a half hour to kill before my neck/shoulder massage so I went to Tuesday Morning to look around – as I was checking out someone called my name – turned and there was Regina!  Great minds think alike when there is a half an hour to kill.  I did find a good buy and the guy said they came into the store just the other day!!  Baskets to organize some of the sewing stuff.

So after I got home I got started straightening things out:

The biggest basket now has a queen size quilt (Bow Tie Medallion) (plus backing), the second Dear Jane quilt to be quilted plus backing and thread, the Square in a Square quilt to be quilted plus backing and the Pinwheel quilt – no backing for that one yet.


yes there is still room for the two smaller quilts!  I save plastic zipper bags from sheets to store these in.  I am short one storage bag but they all fit nicely in here – room for no more so I have to finish Star Crazy this coming month so I can take one out of the basket before I put another one in it – great idea huh, wonder if it will work Smile


The medium size basket well be the one to hold the Pineapple Square quilt plus the triangles as I have an idea in mind that might put the two quilts into one.



The smallest basket – the applique quilt that needs to be finished —



Odd angle I know – I had to lay down on the floor and aim up and to the side to get it all in LOL, you can see the smallest basket on the shelf, the medium on one of the side tables – easy to grab for in the house or outside on a nice day – and the big on on the lower shelf of the table out of the way.


The idea I have for Pineapple Square —  I’m not 100% on this but I had been thinking of a round robin type of quilt – one border after another – all out of scraps and I thought maybe they will go together?  Not sure, I haven’t decided.  Maybe after the flower border is done I will put a skinny stripe of black to divide it a little then the triangles on all side about the width of the one that is started?  Then another applique border – then something else with scraps – checkerboard style? something —  just noticed I would have to turn that triangle border the opposite way for it to work because of the diagonal design – it would have mitered corners.  What do you think? yes or no on the triangles for this quilt – just wondering I will make up my mind for sure when I get done with the applique.



Just a Little Quilting

by Karen on March 30, 2012

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Today was one of those days where I feel I didn’t accomplish much.  The day flew by and at the end of the day I think back to “what did I do”?  I potted some more plants. I hung up two baskets of flowers outside – I hope they live– for some reason my flower baskets normally last a month or two then die – I don’t have the touch I guess.

A little grocery shopping, a little laundry – this evening I settled in and got some more quilting on Star Crazy done.  This is the section I completed while watching the final part of the Return to Lonesome Dove – I believe that was the name of it anyhow – the 2nd in the series.


Does anyone have a good mini series or tv show series that is on Net Flex that I might enjoy?  Let me know – I have a feeling I will be continuing to put my laptop over on the quilting frame and continue working on the quilt in the evenings.

Earlier I did get another segment or two of Joseph’s Coat done, but not much – it doesn’t look much bigger.  I might take it with me to work on tomorrow morning at quilt group instead of the triangles – the triangles might get put over to the sewing machine to work on – faster progress might get me interested in it more.


After quilting group I am sticking around town for a little bit – I want to find a new pair of summer shoes and also I have a massage scheduled for my shoulders and neck/back early afternoon. I’m afraid the old osteoarthritis is nagging at me again and I think I might need a couple sessions to work out these painful muscles.  Sometimes it has done the trick in the past – I will give it a couple times to see if it will work.


Star Crazy

by Karen on March 29, 2012

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I had a good visit with my daughter yesterday and even though we wandered through a few stores the only thing I bought was a new peeler to peel oranges!   I needed it as the old one had broke!  $3.99 Smile  after we both realized we really didn’t want to shop we ended up at a walking trail and had a nice walk and talked the whole way.  Of course the problem with that was I was in sandal’s – I now have a blister on the bottom of both of my big toes Sad smile oh well, I will stick a band aide on them and lay off of the fitness center for a day or two and will be good as new.

Last night on my feedjit reader – side bar above the map I could see that a lot of people – a lot more than normal — were dropping by my site and they were all going to the Clover Bias Stem Maker Tutorial that I did last year – just out of curiosity as no one left me a comment – how did you know to stop by my blog and look at it?  Would love to know – please feel free to leave a comment when you drop by I love knowing what brings you here!!

Now on to Star Crazy – I got to work this evening – I was going to work on Joseph’s Coat but changed my mind.  When working on the quilting frame I do not have access to Net Flex except through my computer as the blue ray player is in the living room – this is how I set things up —


The lap top sets up well on the top end of the quilting frame.  What was playing – the second part of  the old western mini series Lonesome Dove – I loved that mini series.  I had watched the first part of it a couple months ago and they had the second one available in 4 parts so I have been watching it lately as I quilt.  I just move the computer down the frame as I need to move Smile

I got this much done tonight – tomorrow seeing as I will skip the fitness center until my toes heal I will probably work on Joseph’s Coat – I’m trying to get in time on all of them – slowly they will get done!



Joseph’s Coat

by Karen on March 28, 2012

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Well I managed to work on Joseph’s Coat last night.  I must admit I did no sewing during the day – I was too busy with  outside work.    Quite a bit more to do on this row, maybe a third done?  I will try to keep working on it this week.


I even got a couple leaves appliqued when I put purple melons aside for the evening.


My container garden grew today – now I have 3 tomato plants and a container of red peppers and one of green peppers.  I do wonder how they will do in these buckets – I hope they grow.


The hostas are coming up also.  I got the tick pellets spread out all over the yard – I hope it works.  Most times it seems to help keep the ticks at a minimum.


Today I am off to North Little Rock – lunch and shopping with my dear daughter Melanie – a girl day – neither of us are big at shopping though so I have a feeling we will be looking a bit and finish early!  Maybe I will get in some quilting/piecing this evening – I never stay all that late, I hate the traffic in rush hour and always try to leave by 3 to avoid it all – it is either that or stay until 6:30 or so and come home in the evening after it is done!  I am just not an all day shopper type of person!


Star Crazy

by Karen on March 27, 2012

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I didn’t think I would get around to any quilting yesterday but last night I sat myself down in front of the quilting frame with a Netflix movie and quilted for 1 and 1/2 hours!  I finished the stretch across that I wanted to finish and I was able to crank the quilt down.  All but 10 inches of the quilt is now in view!!


Another angle.


This will still take me about another month at a minimum of time to quilt at least – maybe 6 weeks.  All these pieced pieces! Sometimes I could just about kill myself over putting so much quilting into this quilt – if I had put in less I would be done with it by now.  It is still moving faster though than many of my quilts in the past.  I have really been pushing myself to keep working on it and not to let weeks go by without touching it.  Over all I have been successful in doing that.

It is taking about 10 hours of quilting to go all the way across the frame and that is reaching about a 6 inch width – for instance when I get to the end of the photo above I will have quilted to about the middle of the large blue star – into the green area.

I will most likely take a break from quilting today and work instead on Joseph’s Coat and the applique for Pineapple Square – I have not decided 100% if this will be a wall hanging or a larger quilt – I have some ideas going through my head about Pineapple Square being like a round robin and continue to add scrappy borders to it mixed with applique borders.  When I get done with the applique border that I am now working on I might put it aside and think about it before I rush into quilting it in the hoop at the size it is now.