Thursday, March 1, 2012


by Karen on March 1, 2012

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I’m sure a lot of you have heard of Pininterest.  I have heard about it, checked it and I’m not interested in it.  I have seen in some places though where people have “pinned” some of my quilt photos to their “pages”(? I’m not sure if they are referred to as pages)

So what is this blog post about?  I came across a blog today that had one of my  photos of my Joseph’s Coat quilt on it that they had gotten from a page on pininterest – but the facts were all wrong. I am not making this quilt as a part of a “quilt a long” (a group) – I am not a member of a Joseph’s Coat Flickr group – I am not appliqueing this quilt – I am hand piecing it.  I did not draft the pattern out myself – I used a pattern from Inklingo that I purchased.

I left the person a comment to correct the information and she said she will.  That is all taken care of.

I realize that by having a blog with photos on it some things will be shared and copied by others. I hope you do not copy any of my quilts without permission but I realize that someone probably will at some point.  Some other quilters have asked if it was ok if they pretty much copied a pattern I share on my blog and I think I have always said – “go for it”! But Please ask my permission before you put a photo of one of my quilts on your blog and most likely I will say ok.

But – if you blog about one of my quilts and take a photo from my blog – please try to get the facts right Smile

It is my opinion that pininterest might sometime down the road have copyright issues and I know some others feel the same way as I do – but I spend too much time on the computer as it is with blogging and reading others blogs – I’m not interested in pininterest too.


Spring Time Is Here

by Karen on March 1, 2012

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Yesterday we got mom moved and now maybe I can get back to my own routine and run back and visit once a month like I normally do.  We got done faster than I had thought we would, there were 8 of us moving her – big families come in handy don’t they and that was just a small portion of us.  We got the old apartment packed up and the new apartment organized.  Mom seems happy with her new place, now she just has to figure out where everything is!  We all know how that goes when we move or clean out.    – no quilting was done yesterday so here are photos of the yard that I took on Tuesday.

Clematis are leaving out – I need to pick off those old brown leaves now that I know where the new growth is going to be.


Blue Hydrangea is budding out as well – this is my old plant over 20 years old – the newer once that I planted about 4 years ago have not taken off very well as of yet – still tiny and other than the first year have not had flowers on them Sad smile


I only have a few crocuses and they are blooming as well – one day I need to plant more.


This garden is still kind of sparse – I need to get more plants in it this year seeing as we will be home all summer so I can water as needed.


A variety of Vinca


Irises growing but it will be awhile before these bloom – they are a late variety and everyone else’s irises seem to bloom several weeks before mine.


A couple hyacinths beginning to form buds and ground cover that stays green year round, I don’t remember the name of it.


Tulips and another variety of Vinca and ground cover – the tulips most likely will have no flowers, these are old bulbs.  We had a hot summer and a warmer than average winter – normally here in this part of Arkansas tulips are treated as annuals and you have to plant the bulbs in the late fall to get flowers – now occasionally you see them come back year after year and I have no idea how they do it – mine rarely ever flower after the first season.


Now that we have mom moved I can get back into a good routine and try to get this yard cleaned up of all these fall leaves!

Quilt group meets tonight – maybe I will have a show and tell later this evening or tomorrow morning!