Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Make a New Ironing Board Cover

by Karen on March 9, 2012


My little ironing board cover was looking kind of nasty and also it was very thin.  So thin that the other day when I was pressing the pineapple square wall hanging I had a bit of brown color come up on to the fabric. After investigating it – well first I washed the spot out – I found that my new iron must create a lot more steam because some of the metal started to rust!!  I had notice since I got the new iron that occasionally I had a little bit of water collect up on the table under the ironing board when I was using it.  I hadn’t realized it was to the point of rust though on the metal.  I also hadn’t quite realized how thin the pad was under the cover – so thin I could see through it – I wish I had taken a photo of it before I threw it out – I forgot.

I took the cover apart – it had a drawstring so I saved that.  I then pinned the old cover to the new fabric – tie dye from the stash.


I cut around it.  I should have done this a little bigger than I did but it did work, just a squeeze though.  I machine sewed a “hem” all the way around it leaving an opening on one side to insert the drawstring though.


This is without the pad and cover just laying on the table.  The rust area is by the first junction in the center of it.


I layered 5 layers of left over batting on the table – a good way to get rid of some of those smaller than you need scraps.  This is making a nice dense layer on the metal is which I wanted.  I put the batting layer on the ironing board and then fit the cover over that.  I then laid it on the table to tighten up the cord and draw it all tight.  That is when I realized I should have made it just a little bit wider than I did  but it does work.


Ta-Da my new very flashy ironing board cover – I was actually going to buy a new board but I couldn’t find one small like this that fits on top of my cutting mat on the table in this small sewing room.  This size works great when working with small pieces but I do drag out my big board in the living room when a quilt grows too big in size – this small size though works great for blocks and working with applique.


Pretty neat huh – I don’t know what I would have used this fabric for – but I still have a half yard left over for something.

I did get a little quilting done on Star Crazy the last two days, a little on Joseph’s Coat, a little on the pineapple square for the applique – I’ll up date on those another time.  Friday morning quilt group this morning – I’ll bring the triangles with me and maybe get a little done on that!!