Saturday, March 10, 2012

Joseph’s Coat and Other WIP’s

by Karen on March 10, 2012

in quilts

This row of Joseph’s Coat has been coming along so slowly – possibly because I went and started working on the Pineapple squares this past week Smile when will I ever learn to work on one project at a time – probably never!

I accidently messed up pieces on J.C. a couple days ago and thought I better get it all laid on the floor to get the pieces in order.  I did need to reorganize so it was good that I followed my hunch that I might have messed up the order – I had and several needed to be put in the right place.  I am almost done with this row!  5 more segments to be sewed and attached to the row.  As you can see I am running out of room – after I get this row attached I will need to move the coffee table out of the way for photos – hard to do because that table is heavy!


This is how the segments get pinned together – then stack from bottom of row and on up.


I had one pink color left over and there it is starting the next area where the lavender and purples will start.


On to the next – Star Crazy is coming along – this much left to quilt and then it will be time to crank it on down once again.  I finished the blue/brown star area last night (Thursday) and will continue working on this section tonight (Friday) (I am actually typing this Friday night and schedule the post for Saturday morning).


In between those other quilts I have been working on the applique of the Pineapple Squares – I glue baste my flowers, vines and leaves in place doing one border at a time.  I do not use the overlay method so everything is exactly the same placement – I preferred  a somewhat more relaxed look – I don’t care if they are even – I actually prefer it to look more casual.  I do put them so they are close to the same as you can see I lay the border that I have finished glue basting and dried to the next border so that I can get the placement somewhat the same. With glue basting if I find I need to move a piece of the petals for instance for a little bit of better placement you can gently tug up the fabric and reposition and then pin while you are sewing.  I am using Roxanne Glue Baste It for this project.


Now I am getting off of the computer and get busy on quilting!  Hope you all have a good weekend.