Thursday, March 15, 2012

Excessive Packaging?

by Karen on March 15, 2012

in Joseph's Coat

I don’t know about you but I think excessive packaging is such a waste!  I order a 2 quart replacement lid for a pot.  I had accidently dropped it about 10 days ago and the handle came off – it is a pot I use a lot so I ordered a replacement.

Keep in mind this is a 2 quart lid – I could have fit a king size batting in this box, which was a box within a box wrapped in bubble wrap – I’m glad the cover didn’t break but I think it was excessive!


Any how I just wanted to share Smile



It’s Too Early

by Karen on March 15, 2012

in quilts

But I am awake anyhow!  I think I must have woke up about 4AM this morning.  I drifted back to sleep for a little bit but kept waking back up so I finally got up at about 5:30 or so.  I started the coffee, got out my Kindle and read awhile.  That only lasted a little bit and I couldn’t get into it so I got the laptop started up.

Yesterday I got all of the black circles applique to the Joseph’s Coat that I had made and need to make 11 more to get this section finish!  I hoped I had made enough but had a feeling I hadn’t.


Yesterday on Pineapple Square I got this one measly little vine appliqued down and 2 leaves!  Wow really moving along on this Smile


My little pile of threads to use on this border –  I use Guterman cotton for most of my applique as I have a thread cupboard of 100 colors so I can normally find a color to match my fabric fairly closely – sometimes though I have none that match and then I have a spool of beige silk that normally blends in so well that it works out great.