Saturday, March 24, 2012

This quilt group that I go to off and on meets in a classroom at Hobby Lobby about once a month or every couple of months if the room is in use for classes.  Well one can hardly go into Hobby Lobby and not bring their coupon with them – can they? Smile

I had several coupons with me – ok – 4 – I gave one away to someone who didn’t have one.  Regina took one from me and some of my cash to buy me a book –  I used a coupon to buy a sock loom – I have told you all that I would like to learn how to knit socks but I found myself totally not able to do it – well there was a sock loom for sale!!  The loom came with an instructional DVD and a little tool – now I just have to sit down this evening and learn how to use it!!  Wish me luck, I will let you all know how it goes!!   I also picked up the light/magnifier with the last coupon I had before I left.  I will use that by the sewing machine for threading the darn needle which is becoming harder and harder to thread.


This is what Regina is working on – it is a block of the month using wool applique and embroidery – it is the one she is having problems with the needles getting sticky stuff on them.    It is called “Harrington and Hannah”


I was talking & shopping more than sewing and got just about 2 sides of the binding done.  I will work on that more this weekend.


I left after lunch and got my grocery shopping done.  It is too nice of a day to spend more time sewing – that will be this evening I think!


Star Crazy

by Karen on March 24, 2012

in quilts

Last night and several times during the afternoon I worked on Star Crazy.  I had hoped to be done with this whole width of the quilt this week but I don’t think I will make it unless I work on it this evening and I mean a lot!

This much left to do before I can crank it down some more –


I need to finish drawing the design lines on this section and then get busy.  I did work over 2 hours on it yesterday and made progress.  I really want to get done with this quilt.  The next one that goes on here is not going to have near the amount of quilting on it as this one does.  I don’t know why I decided to put so much in it – I’m always sorry when I do that.  Once you start you have to finish – unless you want to pick out a lot of quilting – I don’t know which would be harder – I think picking out!!

I plan on getting a lot of the binding done on the Farmer’s Wife while we talk at quilting – wish me luck.

Of to quilt group this morning then over to Kroger’s to get some groceries on sale.  With gas prices raising I thought I would try to watch the sales better.  My daughter in Wisconsin is starting the coupon craze – she has everything organized in a ring binder – she is lucky being in an area with a bigger city close by – she can shop around without driving long distances.  Here – not so much to shop at.  Yesterday she went to a CVS and got $100 of products for $20!!  I don’t know how she does it.  Our stores don’t even offer double coupons – I remember a time years ago when they did triple value now and then.