Well I managed to work on Joseph’s Coat last night.  I must admit I did no sewing during the day – I was too busy with  outside work.    Quite a bit more to do on this row, maybe a third done?  I will try to keep working on it this week.


I even got a couple leaves appliqued when I put purple melons aside for the evening.


My container garden grew today – now I have 3 tomato plants and a container of red peppers and one of green peppers.  I do wonder how they will do in these buckets – I hope they grow.


The hostas are coming up also.  I got the tick pellets spread out all over the yard – I hope it works.  Most times it seems to help keep the ticks at a minimum.


Today I am off to North Little Rock – lunch and shopping with my dear daughter Melanie – a girl day – neither of us are big at shopping though so I have a feeling we will be looking a bit and finish early!  Maybe I will get in some quilting/piecing this evening – I never stay all that late, I hate the traffic in rush hour and always try to leave by 3 to avoid it all – it is either that or stay until 6:30 or so and come home in the evening after it is done!  I am just not an all day shopper type of person!

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  1. great job of getting more done. I hope your container gardening comes out good. My husband and I are going to start our garden soon. We are going to try raise beds this year. The only kind of shopping I like to do is if it involves a craft store (especially quilt or cross stitch) or a bookstore. =0) I am not a fan of rush hour traffic either.
    Valerie recently posted…Tinkerbell and HAED…My Profile

  2. Big buckets for little plants. I don’t know if we have ticks at the cottage, but we had to have the dog medicated against them when we came to Florida. Great weather for everyone. We cannot put plants out till the 24th May weekend, no matter what they say.
    That quilt is a large task, keep going.

  3. Unless it’s quilt stores, I don’t like to spend a lot of time looking, either. I hope you have a great day just being together.
    Nedra- Cactus Needle recently posted…Sewing Room IdeasMy Profile

  4. The buckets work wonderfully for the container garden as long as you drilled some drainage holes (3 or 4) in the bottom. Otherwise you can ‘drown’ your plants. I always sprayed our yard with ortho bug b gone to get rid of fleas and ticks. If you don’t have a 3 acre yard I recommend it.
    Debbe recently posted…Test Kitchen Tuesday #5My Profile

  5. Have fun with Melanie. I love days with my DD.

    Love the purple fabric you are using for Josephs Coat.
    Miriam recently posted…Blogger’s BOM, little houses and secret sewingMy Profile

  6. The traffic from Little Rock to Conway is terrible all day, isn’t it. I know what you mean about driving in that stuff.
    Vivian recently posted…Design Wall MondayMy Profile

  7. Hope your garden will come out good.I will start my gardening this weekend.
    Brien27 recently posted…In the 2010 Circle of Wonders HDMy Profile

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