I’m sure a lot of you have heard of Pininterest.  I have heard about it, checked it and I’m not interested in it.  I have seen in some places though where people have “pinned” some of my quilt photos to their “pages”(? I’m not sure if they are referred to as pages)

So what is this blog post about?  I came across a blog today that had one of my  photos of my Joseph’s Coat quilt on it that they had gotten from a page on pininterest – but the facts were all wrong. I am not making this quilt as a part of a “quilt a long” (a group) – I am not a member of a Joseph’s Coat Flickr group – I am not appliqueing this quilt – I am hand piecing it.  I did not draft the pattern out myself – I used a pattern from Inklingo that I purchased.

I left the person a comment to correct the information and she said she will.  That is all taken care of.

I realize that by having a blog with photos on it some things will be shared and copied by others. I hope you do not copy any of my quilts without permission but I realize that someone probably will at some point.  Some other quilters have asked if it was ok if they pretty much copied a pattern I share on my blog and I think I have always said – “go for it”! But Please ask my permission before you put a photo of one of my quilts on your blog and most likely I will say ok.

But – if you blog about one of my quilts and take a photo from my blog – please try to get the facts right Smile

It is my opinion that pininterest might sometime down the road have copyright issues and I know some others feel the same way as I do – but I spend too much time on the computer as it is with blogging and reading others blogs – I’m not interested in pininterest too.

(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Bobbi Mar 1, 2012

    Hmmm. I do use Pinterest sporadically and have considered if I should be pinning others’ pictures. I don’t post them in a blog but just have them on my board for future reference and ideas. I’ve thought about the copyright, but wonder if it’s out there in cyber world is it free game?

  • jojo Mar 1, 2012


    Here’s an article about Pininterest and the copyright issues that is coming down the pike. I think you made a good decision to steer clear of it.

  • Debbie in Alaska Mar 1, 2012

    I’m curious how you figured out your photos had been pinned?
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  • Sophie Mar 1, 2012

    If you store your images on Fluckr, there is now an option to disallow “pinning.”. I do think that there should be, at least, some sort of notification to the owners of the images when they copied to Pinterest’s servers. I thought this article on some of the copyright issues was interesting:

  • Sophie Mar 1, 2012

    UVB … Make that FLICKR

  • Astrid Mar 1, 2012

    Too much going on at the net nowadays, it seems…. I have heard of Pinterest, had a quick look, but I’m not interested. Like Debbie, I’m also curious how you discovered your photos had been pinned?
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  • Karen Mar 1, 2012

    for those that asked if you word your search right you can find just about anything – here is a link a
    that goes to pininterest — a lot of Dear Jane quilts – both of mine are on this one – there are Nearly Insane quilts, and Farmer’s wife’s.
    my search words were Dear Jane pininterest Karen

  • Karen Mar 1, 2012

    I read the article Sophie – I just looked at the pininterest page and under there “about” is an article on their copyright policy also.

  • Mary L Mar 2, 2012

    I do use Pinterest and also respect copyright issues. Pins on pinterest should be linking back to your blog, so really it is increasing the traffic on your blog. I agree people should be leaving correct information if they are commenting in additionin to linking. Copying and posting your pictures on their own blog is a whole other issue IMHO. Pinterest is really just a pictoral “favorites” list of links.

    Spring is here the form of 100-120 mph winds that hit our neighborhood Tuesday night and left us without power for 36+ hours. Hope we can enjoy an uneventful spring now but that’s doubtful.

  • Judi Mar 2, 2012

    I use pinterest but only to get ideas. I never repost someone else’s pictures to my blog, which it sounds like is where the problem really is. On pinterest, photos I pin go onto a board – as if you had clipped photos from a magazine and pinned them on a bulletin board. I use them for inspiring ideas of what to create someday, or ideas for a color I might want to use in a room, or linking recipes I find on the web. It makes it much easier to find that inspirational item again without having to print out a picture or article from a person’s blog. I used to copy and paste a picture into a word document and save it in a file on my computer for future reference, or print out the blog entry if it had a recipe or instructions and put them into an inspiration book, but then I didn’t have the link to the project unless I also copied and pasted the url. This way I think is much better. I no longer save someone else’s photo in a file of my own. I never use anyone else’s photo for anything other than inspiration. At least with pinterest when people click on the pin it brings them back to your website. I know this sometimes doesn’t happen if someone else has blogged your picture and it gets pinned from their website though, and of course that is a problem. But for the most part, I personally find it really helpful. As for people copying other people’s projects, I don’t really see a problem with someone using the ideas I have come up with to create something for themselves. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say. I wouldn’t have put it on my blog if I wasn’t hoping (at least in a small way) to inspire others. I don’t feel like I own the ideas. Usually I’ve come up with them from being inspired by something else anyway, or from an existing pattern, so they really aren’t my original ideas to begin with. I usually try to figure out how to make things just from the picture, and don’t typically buy a pattern unless it looks like it will give me too much trouble to figure it out on my own. Let’s be honest – especially with quilts and crafts, if I can figure out how to make something without a pattern, then that’s what I do – even with things I see in a magazine or even clothing in a store. I’ve even snapped photos of something cute in a store, planning to come home and recreate it. Inspiration is everywhere, and I’m all for people being able to get ideas and do their own thing with them. On the other hand, people’s personal photos are their personal property, and I think that is where the real issue is. If people would respect others’ property and not re-blog someone else’s idea, I don’t think we would have a problem with it as much.
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  • Opal Mar 2, 2012

    Hi Karen,

    I used Pinterest briefly, but only pinned items that weren’t copyrighted. I stopped completely though. I’ve seen plenty of people pinning copyrighted material to their board. The person pinning those items, are in violation of the copyright laws. The owner can go after them, if they decide to sue.

    Although I was only pinning non-copyrighted material, I no longer use the site. Seeing all the copyrighted materials repinned, without permission bothered me.

    Juliann Krute, stopped to weigh in on this on Craft Test Dummies. She used to be an intellectual property Attorney.
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  • Suze Mar 9, 2012

    you can stop folks from pinning from your blog by changing your template. In the metadata in the header section add the following can find all pictures from your site that have been pinned by the following url:

  • Suze Mar 9, 2012

    harumpf..the metadata did not post on the prior can find it here:

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