Star Crazy


I actually have not been on the computer much today.  Trying to cut back you know!  A little progress on Star Crazy and not much else.   This is the area I am working on today.


Tomorrow maybe on to this section.  Sure won’t get done with this whole area I know!  But maybe I can get over to the next big star?  We will see.


I didn’t do any on the Pineapple Square – maybe tomorrow?  Who knows.  I am trying to cut back on computer time – I might not blog every day anymore – maybe go to every other? We will see.

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  • Vivian Mar 7, 2012

    And you have the right to change your mind daily. I know I do. lol

    I feel like I lost most of my summer last year on the computer and reading. Hopefully this summer I’ll get out more and sew more, etc. I try to not get on the computer until 9 or so at night. Otherwise, I can waste the whole evening away.

  • deb Mar 8, 2012

    Karen you are just moving right along, I can imagine what it is like to work on this quilt with so many fabrics for your eyes to see up close each day it is a different view, it looks amazing. I love watching your progress!

  • Good luck with the quilting! I have at least two or three computer free days each week now and I get so much more sewing done!!

  • Christine Mar 8, 2012

    That is one gorgeous quilt! I’m working my way up to these pieced stars. And are you hand quilting it? My hat is off to you for all the beautiful quilts I see on your blog. (Love the Pineapple quilt from the previous post, too.)

  • astrid Mar 8, 2012

    Good progress on SC. Usually I’m on the computer in the early mornings, when I’m trying to wake up – lol – and the connection is faster. During the day and evening I do other things, like sewing/quilting. When connection is slow, I feel it is so much waste of time sitting there staring at the monitor! 🙂

  • Kirsten B Mar 9, 2012

    Love the quilt! I’m wondering what type of quilting frame you have. Thinking about buying one, but don’t know where to start.

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