Monday, April 2, 2012

What Do You Do With Your Quilts

by Karen on April 2, 2012

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I have been asked in recent comments – “What do you do with your quilts when they are done”  most of the time I use them and/or I give them away to family, I donate small quilts now and then, I sell small quilts now and then.  I occasionally have sold a queen size quilt but not often – people do not want to pay what a hand quilted quilt is worth and I’m not going to give them away.  It takes too many hours to hand quilt a queen size quilt to make me give it away to a stranger – sorry – I will give away small quilts now and then though.  I rotate queen size quilts on my bed and the racks to display, sometimes changing out the full size quilts to display on the wall in the living room as well.

What do you do with your quilts?

I also have been asked “how do I hold my hand held thimble and do I like it”.  I have been using my hand held thimble (1 or 3 that I have) for over 8 years.  It is the only thimble I use at the big floor standing frame because I can quilt in all directions with it.  When I quilt in the hoop I might use my stick on metal thimble as well – it sticks the tip of whatever finger you want to use.  As to how to hold the hand held thimble – I have a hard time getting a photo 0f it in action but at this link it shows how to hold it – the only difference is that I don’t quite hold it the same way, my finger is usually straight instead of curved like they show in the photo – I really need to try to remember to hold as they hold as I do have problems with my joints and it would probably be better for my finger joints to hold it correctly.  I use my thumb or my index finger.  I like the hand held thimble a lot! I also like the cheap little stick on metal disc a lot!  I have expensive thimbles that I do not use because they just do not sit on these sensitive fingers right – my joints are not good and I also get rashes now and then on my fingers from my muscle disease which is an auto immune disease which includes rashes mainly on my fingers for some reason – I should have known better than to spend money on pretty thimbles.

We have a lot of turtles around here – most of the time you see them by the rivers and waterways – but now and then you see them wander through the yard like this morning.  This is a very common turtle for Arkansas – a regular little box turtle.  These are the kinds that kids find and keep as pets for a little bit before they seem to be able to squirm out of whatever container is being used to trap them – I speak from experience – when my daughters were young I do not know how many turtles we had from one time to another kept in old containers of every sort imaginable. 


Got too close, the head is ducking in


See he is kind of little – this is a size 8 foot next to it.


The rose now in full bloom



Design Wall Monday

by Karen on April 2, 2012

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Last night I got some more of Star Crazy quilted and I hope to work more on it today.  I got this section quilted last night –


I hope to get this section quilted today – then I will be able to give the rollers another crank or two and start in a new section.


Head on over to Judy at Patchwork Times and see what everyone else is working on today.

When I get the above section quilted I think I will take a day or two off of quilting and get back to work on the purple row of  Joseph’s Coat – I have been slowly piecing sections of it together, but I have about 10 more sections to sew before the whole row will be finished.