Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Star Crazy & Joseph’s Coat

by Karen on April 4, 2012

in quilts

Yesterday progress was made on two quilts!  Way to go I think.  In the afternoon for a change I sat down and got busy on the Star Crazy quilt and I was able to finish the section I was working, crank it down and now today I will be able to get started on the new width shown – I normally start on the left and work to the right which is what I will be doing.  As you can see I can just about see the end in sight!! One more time to crank down and I truly will have the end in sight.  For the area shown though it will still be about 40 hours of quilting.


In the evening I put the tv on in the living room and got busy on the Joseph’s Coat purple row – I almost got it finished – but not quite.  I did remember before I got to the end to lay it all out and check out the bottom pieces as I remembered I had laid it out a little different than normal and I might need to check the lay out – so glad I did as I would have messed up two pieces.  The seam ripper would have needed to come out – now it doesn’t Smile


It is just laid out there of course, the row is not sewed together.  I will try to finish this row later today and then start to sew it to the quilt.  Then of course I need to make more black circles 19 or is it 20, hard to count at this angle.  I need to measure once again when this row gets attached and see if this is the last of the full length rows or if there is one more – I think this was the last but of course need to make sure.  I have a lot of purple fabric left so I will have one more purple row for sure – maybe two more.  After that is blues then green to square it up.  Finally the end on this one also is in sight – just awhile yet though!

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