Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scrappy Progress

by Karen on April 12, 2012

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Wow I can’t believe I have just finished box #2 of scrap organizing already.  It really helped of course that box #2 was about 1/3 or so full of strings –all I had to do was transfer them over to their own box.  This is what I had at the end of Box #2 —  strings, 5”, 3 1/2”, 2 1/2”, 2”, & 1 1/2”.


You can’t see in those boxes well – here is another view


Box #3 – oh my gosh – it is packed to the gills!!


But look what I find when I start to get them all out of that box – more strings – about another 1/3 of a box – I really had no idea that I had so many!


I put them in the box of strings and it is now almost full! I wonder if I will need to make these not so wide?   What size strings are normal size for string quilts – some of these are 2 1/2” wide to 1 inches.


Box #3 dumped out on the table – a lot of squares are already in this box but a lot more that will be trimmed to the sizes I am doing.


Some have said that the  little bits I am throwing away I should keep for doing art quilts – these are tiny bits I am tossing.  I don’t do art quilts which someone said would be good for free motion quilting – I don’t do machine quilting – well I take that back I have done straight line a couple times, but it isn’t something I normally do.  I rarely ever make pillows so I am not saving those bits for stuffing.  The whole point is to get this mess into useable pieces (for me) so that I will use these scraps.  I am not saving all the tiny things that are under a inch wide or under a inch and a half square.  I appreciate your thoughts though on this but keep in mind we all do this our own way Smile

Someone asked what size are the boxes — they are 8” x 11” and 4 1/4” deep


Star Crazy and Cookies!

by Karen on April 12, 2012

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Yesterday was a very busy quilty day for me.  I worked on all three projects – scraps, Star Crazy and Joseph’s Coat.

Taking breaks from cutting scraps I was making Ginger Cookies – time for a coffee break!


I really didn’t feel like typing in the recipe so I took a photo of it!  Instead of giant cookies mine were about 3 inches instead of 4 and the recipe made 40 cookies instead.  I’m not sure if this is the same ginger cookie recipe I put on here last year or not, but this one is good too!


I finished the last section of quilting to do and gave the quilt another couple of cranks down and now the end really and truly is in sight!!


I got started quilting on the left end of the quilt last night and will try to do more today in between scrap cutting, fitness, and laundry – and I have to remember to run to Wal-Mart to pick up prescriptions  – can’t forget that.


I’m not going to post a photo every day of the scrap cutting – you will be sick of it and saying oh no is this all she is going to put on here!  I will update on that a couple times a week I’m sure.

Now I guess I better get busy today so I can fit everything in!