Karen on April 14th, 2012

I started to go through my scraps a week ago today and I have made great progress.  I have done 2 1/2 boxes out of the 10 boxes + 1 bag that I have to go through.  I have found that I have a lot more strings then I ever thought I had and that is from only going through that small portion – I have one box just about completely packed now with strings.  I wonder how much of a quilt that would make?  We will find out one day I guess.

Strings on the right, 2 1/2 inch square on the left.


5” squares on the top – 3 1/2 inch squares bottom


1 1/2 inch squares and a new pile of 4 inch squares – I found these in box #3 so a new selection was already made for me to add to the growing stacks.


Also found in box #3 were a lot of 3 inch squares so now I am adding to that also.  The two inch stacks continue to grow as well.


The rest of box number 3 is already neatly pressed and just needs more cutting.


What I have left to still go through – a lot!!  I know at least one of these boxes are full of white scraps as I remember sorting a little bit when I started to make the pineapple squares a couple years ago.  After looking at this I think it will take the whole summer to go through!!


I am contemplating dumping all of these out into a wicker basket so I have the boxes emptied to place the already cut sizes.  I have on the table 4 of these boxes already – having bought one extra the other day, but it would be nice to put those cut pieces in their own boxes so they won’t topple over.  Also I have been thinking I won’t want all of this on my kitchen table all summer Smile the fan right above the table might be a problem!  LOL I can just see all those little pieces flying all over the place when the fan is on high setting – which is most of the summer!  I know I have been good and worked on this all week and made great progress but I can’t see myself doing this weeks on end – in fact I feel much needed break coming to me after I finish the current box.


If you are sorting and organizing your scraps how are you coming along on it?  I think I will be moving my cutting space to the sewing room.  I need a lower table to work at so I can sit at the office chair instead of the tall kitchen chair.  In order to sit high enough to cut I am sitting on a pillow on the chair – I’m not really sitting properly and that might be contributing or causing the leg cramps as it started this week and so did the scrap organizing!!


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