Thursday, April 19, 2012

Joseph’s Coat

by Karen on April 19, 2012

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Done with the purple row – I got all the circles finished this morning.  I didn’t have to bring it outside this time to take a photo – but I bet the next time I will have to.  No room to move this big heavy coffee table – and really it is about too heavy for me to move other than shoving it up against the couch.

Most of what I have in this quilt top are Bali water color batiks and Moda marbles.  There are a few other bits and pieces thrown in that I don’t recall what they are.  Most of what I had were fat quarters and half yard cuts that I had saved up over the last 3 or 4 years thinking one day to put them all together in a quilt and this is what I ended up with.  As you can see it is getting closer to the finish line.  I have next to use several more purples that are going more and more to blue tones.


Here are some close ups of the colors – you can’t always see what they look like good from a distance I think.    Quilting is going to be very easy on this quilt!!  Outline all the way, outline the melons a 1/4 inch inside the seam line and the odd shape background pieces – there too outline stitch.  If I feel it needs an echo I can do that too.  These photos will be going left to right.






I can’t wait to get the next colors going Smile  I have a feeling this quilt top is going to be taking priority – when I get close like this it gets kind of exciting to see the end in sight but also to see what the final look will be.  Instead of putting a different quilt top on the quilt frame when I get Star Crazy off this one might be going on it next – I want it done so bad!! I think this one is going to be a very favorite!!


Back To The Scraps

by Karen on April 19, 2012

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First off – don’t forget tomorrow early evening the give away for the 3 patterns to 3 winners ends.  Go to this link and leave a comment on that post.

Last night I decided to sit at the Sew-Ezi table and get in some cutting of scraps.  There wasn’t much to watch on tv so I just put some old NCIS shows on – I have already seen them and do not need to watch every move they make – something for the background noise.

I think I had box #3 on the table when I decided to empty some boxes in the wicker basket so I can not longer tell you how many boxes have been gone through.  What I can say is that whatever had been dumped out on the table (I believe it was #3) I finished with last night.

When I got done with them, this is what I had – 5 inch blocks, 4 inch blocks, 3 1/2, 3, 2 1/2 and 2 and lots of little 1 1/2 inch blocks.


I am going to try to continue working on scraps at least several times each week – but chances are it will be well into summer and I will not be done with project.

Some have asked do I have any projects planned with the scraps?  Not yet  — I think I want to see what I have before I decide. This will make it much easier though to finish off the Pineapple Square quilt.  With all these pieces to go through I can easily make a round robin type of quilt.

Last night when I finished the scraps that had been on my table I got them all organized in their boxes and then went into the living room to settle in on the couch and work on circles on Joseph’s Coat.  I got a good amount done and I will show a photo of the quilt later today – maybe I will take it outside and lay it on the ground to get a photo -