Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tote Bag Is Done

by Karen on April 22, 2012

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Considering I do not make tote bags and things like that very often I am pleased with how this turned out.  A few mistakes here and there, but if I don’t point them out maybe they will not be noticed.  The outside pocket is actually higher than it looks here, I will show another of the front in a bit.


The back and the sides


the inside – two large pockets with velcro closures. and I added a little fabric loop at the top to hook my keys onto.


Seeing as I was pleased with how it turned out I decided to make a new cover for my kindle while I had the sewing machine out!  and it fits in the front pocket great.  If I ever make another one of these though the pocket will be higher on the bag, probably by another 4 inches.


The kindle cover – yes mistakes there too – I’m not selling it – it’s mine – I’m not fixing anything!


I didn’t machine quilt this – I could have and maybe I will still.  Just some straight lines so it won’t be quite so puffy.  If I do it will be tomorrow though.



This tote bag is actually large enough for me to fit my computer in it also – I am contemplating making a new padded cover for it as well – I still have 3 fat quarters left over from the Kate Spain Fandango line and some scraps  – an envelope type of bag with the same stuff for padding.    I am really pleased with Soft and Stable and will use it again.  I have enough here though to make the computer bag and still have some left over for other things so I won’t have to order any.  Thank you CJ for helping me out by selling me some of the Soft and Stable that you had on hand so I didn’t have to wait for an order.

I will decide on the computer bag tomorrow – I’m done out using the sewing machine after 2 days – I’m back to hand piecing or hand quilting for the evening!  Did you get a lot done this weekend? I have heard back from all the give away winners – packages will be in the mail tomorrow!


Piecing and Making a Bag

by Karen on April 22, 2012

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As I make this purple row of Joseph’s Coat I can so tell how much shorter the rows are getting from the stack of pinned pieces of pieces stacked up in the box.  This is what I have put together so far.  I don’t remember what setting I used yesterday to try to get the purple at it’s true color so I selected this setting Smile it might turn out different every time I do it.


I have been working on the tote bag I should you all the pattern for yesterday.  I have all the pieces machine quilted – I am using Soft and Stable for the “batting” it is a firmer product that is great for bags.  I also have the lining with the pockets on the inside sewed together.

Today I need to put all the pieces together.  Just some of the pieces.  I’ll show the whole bag when I get it done.


I think with some of the rest of the fabric from that bundle I will make a new cover for my Kindle as well.

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