Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Two Kate Spain Bags

by Karen on April 24, 2012

in quilts

Ok we all know I am a quilter not a maker of tote bags but I think they turned out pretty good!  Now of course I am not a perfectionist and there are a lot of mistakes that professional sewers would find.  I had a lot of fix ups!  I even broke two needles while putting the straps on!!  So thick.

Today I thought after all that work trying to make a bag for my lap top yesterday that I really needed to make it so that I would use it.  I added padding to the flap by cutting a slit in the fabric on the inside and I slid the padding in.  Then I stitching all the way around the edges to hold it in place and then stitching a piece of corresponding fabric over the slit.


The cover up Smile


I found that if I fold the cord/charger tighter I was able to get it in the bag better – the bag is stuffed, but it works with all needed in the bag.  Having a padded flap seemed to help in this-  before the flap looked weird with all stuffed in the bag and the padding seems to help that. Plus it protects everything better as well.

The bags are made from Kate Spain’s Fandango line”   my trio of bags/covers –the best part they all fit in the tote bag!  Of course at the quilt show I intend to show up with the tote bag just about empty!  I have to have room for to put purchases you know Smile  I wonder what I will find – too much I’m sure – how much will come home with me?  I plan on controlling myself at least a little bit.  We do have to support our quilt businesses though so they will stay in business LOL