Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paducah–Day 1

by Karen on April 25, 2012

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Ok so I’m not really at Paducah yet but it was the first day of the trip.  Long day!  Started the day early.  My daughter who lives in North Little Rock came with me for the trip so the first stop was there to pick her up.  I decided though that seeing as I get my car serviced at the Honda place there and it needed it’s 30,000 mile check up I would take care of that before the trip.  So I dropped the car off and son-in-law picked me up and took me back to there place.  Mel had over slept so she was getting ready – that worked out fine because the car wasn’t going to be ready before noon.  We had time for lunch.  Then went back and got the car and got on the road.

It was a very windy day – but in this case it helped – it was pushing me along all day – I got 33.3 miles per gallon which is the highest I have ever gotten on this car Smile  We took highways inside of interstate and it was a much more pleasant drive.  Very few big semi trucks – a plus in my book.  Countryside the whole way and Wal-Marts to use as rest rooms LOL – it works!

We got to our motel in a little town in southeast Missouri about 5.  Got checked in and wandered around looking for a place to eat – Pizza Hut, McDonalds, a Chinese Buffet or a Mexican place.  I don’t know about you but I don’t like to take a chance on buffet unless I am familiar with it and the Mexican place didn’t look great.  We chose Pizza – and McDonalds will be for breakfast – what a choice.

This is a nice small historical looking town near the Mississippi River and the Ohio River.  Some photos of the old house area:


Magnolia blossoms in bloom!


A huge bud from the same tree.


An old hitching post


The trees were in the way, didn’t get the whole house which was huge and now a Historical Society building.


That is it from here.  Now time to relax and get my sewing out – early long day tomorrow!


Checking off the List

by Karen on April 25, 2012

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Paducah here I come!  This is a scheduled post having written it yesterday as I know I will be too busy in the morning to blog Smile I’m off to Paducah – I wish you all could go too.   I worked up a have to pack list – I always do this or I tend to forget things.

I cross things off  and  then I tend to add more things on, then decide no I don’t need it and cross it back off the list again – I tend to over pack – how about you?  I guess I would always rather have too much and clothes for if the weather gets warm/cold then be without what is needed.


Tote bag has a little bit of purse stuff in it in the inside pockets and a little wrist wallet for carrying around with me to have money handy and credit card for gas.  I will pack the lap top bag in the morning.  A bag of munchies to bring along and some tea bags seeing as I am trying to go off of coffee for awhile – less heart burn already – I think coffee has been the culprit!  Right now I have found that I like the brand of tea that Kroger’s carries as their signature brand – I like Pomegranate White Tea and Chai White Tea (no milk added)that one is a different brand.   I like the flavor of both of these just fine.  (I don’t like black tea – hate the taste)  I only had a small headache on day one from caffeine withdrawal and been fine since that first day – I think it was Saturday that I started to go without – I thought it would bother me more being a 2-3 cups of coffee a day person for the last 4 or 5 years now.   I also drink very little in the line of cokes in the last 2 years and more water.


Back to packing.  Joseph’s Coat is coming along with me.  I am getting close to completing the purple row and maybe I can spend the two nights I will be gone sewing it to the top?  Don’t know.  I will have to fit the top in the suitcase as it is too big to fit in the sewing box now Smile   There really will be nothing to do where the motel is located as it is a little bitty town and 50 miles from Paducah.  There is not much around.  I hope to find some place to walk around Wednesday after we get to the motel to get in a little exercise after being in the car most of the day.  But as far as evening goes I imagine the tv will be on, Melanie will be reading or taking turns being on my computer and I can sew.  Thursday we will be all day in Paducah and will get plenty of exercise before going back to the motel in the evening ready to crash and travel home the next day.


Yes plenty of room for the quilt top in this suitcase, I still need to put in a comfy pair of walking shoes and toiletries and some other things but the quilt can fit in there.  Quilt show tickets right up there at the top and some maps printed out of Paducah – I have been there about 5 or 6 times now I guess – this will be my 3rd quilt show experience and we have been there through several other times so I kind of know my way around but always nice to have maps as back up.


The camera charger is already in the bag and the second camera battery is charged and in the little camera bag – will go in the tote just in case I take too many photos!  If the suitcase stays this empty I will put the lap top bag on top of stuff and have less bags to carry in.

I will most likely blog this evening unless I have no WiFi – I didn’t think to ask when I made the reservation, most places have it but if not I can log on from my phone – the place is by the interstate so normally have a signal.

Can you tell I’m excited Smile