Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ready to Lounge

by Karen on April 29, 2012

in gardening, quilts

Be right back  The porch is cleaned off, the cushions are on the chairs, the flowers planted, the ferns are hung – now all I need is a tall glass of lemonade and my kindle – let summer begin – but please no heat wave!

A partly sunny area but mostly in the morning – shade the rest of the day.


Nice deep shade all summer long – I must find cushions that fit these old chairs better!


The clematis that I planted some years ago are finally taking off this year and I have had more flowers on them then ever before.  It has never wrapped itself around the flower pole before.  The climbing roses are so tall already and have a lot of blooms.  I believe these are called Lincoln roses but I’m not sure – I have had one of the plants for about 28 years now and the other about 25 years.  Sometimes they get too many aphids on them and do poorly but none so far this year and none at all last year.


This one is doing well too, it has never had so many blossoms on it.  I guess they need to age – of course I bought these plants on sale about 3 years ago and they were on the shelve that was probably going to be tossed out if no one bought them – I brought them back to life! Cost $1 a plant Smile and I have these 3 and another 3 over in the other part of the yard – the one in the corner though that is the biggest is the oldest and was a better plant bought about 2 years before this one and the others.


The roses right up on the deck this year.  What a wild spring we had – very good for the plants, extra warm and wet in March, cool April – good growing conditions.


And the little garden – see that gray bucket on the left – if you look closely you can see tomatoes growing.  I have 1 regular tomato plant the one you can see the tomatoes on, 2 Roma tomato plants and one of them has a dozen or so on already – 2 green pepper in one bucket, 2 red pepper in another, one bucket each of cucumber, yellow squash, and zucchini.  We are going to be moving the garden over a little bit though to another area near by that has more sun, this patch has more shade than wanted in the morning.  I forgot to take a photo of my potato plants – growing in the flower bed Smile 2 short rows of about 20 plants – I’ll get those next time.


What have you been up to this pretty weekend?


Joseph’s Coat

by Karen on April 29, 2012

in quilts

Progress!  The last couple evenings I have been busy hand piecing on Joseph’s Coat and I am just about done with the purple row.  I can’t for the life of me remember how I changed the color the other day so this purple row was purple!  I changed something on the color setting and now it just looks blue – oh well – keep in mind it is actually purple!  The segment on the white square is what I am currently working on – I have one melon left to piece on it and on the blue square is the last segment to be sewed before attaching it to the main body of the quilt top.


I did get in a little more quilting on Star Crazy as well yesterday and a little progress made on that one.


Today I need to get busy on the plants and it looks like it is starting the week out hot and might get up to 88 today! Jumping right on into summer it looks like!  I better get busy and then be lazy in the heat of the day Smile