May 2012

Joseph’s Coat–Finished!!

by Karen on May 31, 2012

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That’s right the final stitches were taken!  I am so pleased to be finished with this monster quilt top.  Of course it is very hard to get a photo of a large quilt in the house – Joseph’s Coat is done!!

Before I forget today is the last day for voting on the quilts over at Amy’s Creative Side – if you haven’t voted yet I sure would appreciate you voting for Star Crazy.  see this post for the photo and how to get there.

I started this quilt top in July 2011 so I finished it in less than a year! pretty good for hand piecing.  I didn’t work on it in September and October and didn’t do a lot on it in January – so I will say it took about 8 months of off and on work.  I have no idea on the hours, I didn’t keep track.  It will go on the quilting frame soon.

The corner finished the last circles sewed in place.


Nope that’s only half of it


Out to the swing for one of those shots like in the magazines – nope still can’t see all of it.


On the lawn, in between wind gusts I got this at an angle hanging off the side of the deck.


I’ll give it another try little bit – I have an idea I will see if it will work for a full shot.


Sometimes -

by Karen on May 30, 2012

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You just have to play with fabric!  I have this new quilt in mind that I told you all I am waiting on the book to arrive before I start.  In the meantime after I got the green row straightened out re-sewing down the two pieces that were out of order and getting the black circles sewed in place I thought it was time to look fabric over for the new project just to start deciding color!

Since around Christmas time I had gotten quite a few new fat quarter bundles and I want to use them Smile the quilt will be a scrappy look of course with white connecting pieces together.  I think I am going to use a lot of these pieces. 


If I need more solids I bought these last week when the Green Fairy ran her sale -  Not pictured is the bolt of white fabric that will be used with the quilt – we all know what white fabric looks like Smile mine is Bella Solid White.


Instead of another box to keep things in I decided to get this plastic container instead that is two boxes hooked together to make one box.  It will help me keep fabric colors separated into smaller stacks than would have been in a box.


I found this at Wal-Mart


I had hoped this little box would fit inside of the above box – it doesn’t – the lid makes it too high, I guess I will have to use something else – I will look through the “stuff” and see what I have.  This holds supplies for hand piecing – the little container is actually bigger than what I need anyhow – hand piecing supplies take up very little room. 


Starting a new project is so much fun – I am almost done with Joseph’s Coat and the Pineapple Square is coming along nicely also and is more than half way finished! 

By next week or two weeks –  Joseph’s Coat might be on the quilting frame.  Pineapple Square will get binding on and a wall hanging sleeve, the new project will be announced and started and the Red and Green Applique quilt will shortly be back on the front burner getting its applique border started!  The summer is looking great for inside work while the summer sun gets to hot to be outside!


More Green and Scraps

by Karen on May 30, 2012

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The Joseph’s Coat is moving so quickly now, I can’t believe this project is almost to the end of being pieced.  I am looking forward to having this hand piecing project done and start a new one.  Yes another hand pieced.  If you have never tried hand piecing you should do a small table topper or doll quilt – something just to try it and see if it really is all wrong for you.  Some quilters who do every thing by machine do not realize it is relaxing and that they might enjoy it – try a small project and realize how much they enjoy it.  My new hand piecing project is in a book that is being sent to me today – I will certainly share it with you all – and of course a good lot of you will think I am nuts once again!

Head on over to Lee at Freshly Pieced and see what others are working on today.

Here is the newest row for Joseph’s Coat attached to body of the quilt.  After I got the row on I noticed at the lower end I had mixed up two of the greens in the wrong place – I picked them out last night and will put them in their proper place today and get the black circles on also. Luckily they are on the outside edges so easy to do.  I already have them pinned in place.


I haven’t showed my scrap boxes in awhile now – these are the 1 1/2 inch squares, I can’t believe how many of these little babies I have and it just grows and grows.  I think this box will be full by time I am done with the laundry basket full of scraps still!  I have one little stack of bars in here too as I do not have an empty box at this moment.  They are 2 1/2 x 5 inches.


The 2 inch square box is getting pretty full also and will be filled soon.


And this is the second box of strings that I have = this one will get full before any of the others I bet.  I had no idea I had so many strings hanging around.


I won’t bother to show the other boxes right now.  They don’t have near as many as these boxes that I showed you have.

I will be picking up some more of these boxes today – they cost under $4 and are decorative and just the right size for these things.  The new box today though is for the new hand piecing project.  I will be cutting out a lot of pieces soon and the box is the perfect size to carry them in to work on at group and in the car or where ever!  Can you tell I am excited to start a new project!



by Karen on May 29, 2012

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Thank you everyone who has sent a kind note to me about voting for my quilt Star Crazy – if you haven’t voted and want to there is still time, I think voting continues through Thursday evening.  See this post as to how to get there.  When you get there each quilt photo should have the word “vote” in yellow I believe you just click on the word and your vote is placed.

Yup, I’m on the first really true green colors and I didn’t leave myself hardly any room to work with them!  I wish I had not used quite so much blue now so that I would have more room for green in Joseph’s Coat.  I attached a short row of turquoise/green yesterday and got the black circles appliqued on as well – on to the next segments today.


The next colors – actually everything in this box is now the next colors!  3 shades of green in the box and that is it for this quilt top.


I finished cutting all the scraps that were on my cutting table yesterday and need to put those aside in their boxes today and start the day off with a clean table once again.  I don’t have a pile pressed and ready to cut so at some point today or tomorrow I will probably press a small stack of scraps to keep on the table so when I go on by I will stop and cut a few pieces.

We actually had a couple minutes of rain while I was sleeping this morning.  I got up just before Mike left to go to work and he said when he got up we had a very short storm that went through and left us with a little rain.  Sure enough the decking is a little wet – but other than where I watered plants last night it isn’t wet at all!  So much for rain – we need an all day rain to get it soaked into the ground.

Well I am off to get myself put together for the day and then get busy with stuff!


Blogger Quilt Festival

by Karen on May 28, 2012

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Amy has the postings up for the voting to begin.  I’m happy to say my quilt Star Crazy is one of the 7 that were selected for the hand quilting category.

I would love it if some of you would go vote for mine!  Look at the hand quilting selections and you will see Star Crazy listed with my name Karen


Star Crazy -



Design Wall Monday

by Karen on May 28, 2012

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First off before I get to what I am working on I want to apologize for sending people over to Amy’s Creative Side yesterday for voting on all the quilts that were nominated – she never got it posted!  It must have been overwhelming all that work of complying all the nominations into some order! over 600 quilts had been entered into that festival I wonder how many were nominated to the categories she had shown.   Maybe it will be ready for voting today – I haven’t seen the new blog post to the nominations this morning? Winners are to be announced on Friday from what her schedule had said.

Head on over to Judy at Patchwork Times and see what everyone else is working on today and most likely throughout the week.

I said I wasn’t going to show any more photos of Joseph’s Coat until I was finished with it – but I will – there is so little left to do and I just don’t have much else to show LOL.  I laid that last row down so well for the photo it almost looks like it is already sewed in place – it isn’t.  I will sew this row down today and work on the circles –  only 7 circles needed for this row – I remember when it seemed like it was over 20 for a row!  The rest of the pieces are cut out and ready for me to get started on them.  I will be working on little else until this one is done – I’m always like that when I get to an end – I just want to finish.


I did do a little more though than work on JC this weekend – I got some more scraps cut! one day I will be finished (in a year perhaps?) I will try to cut a few scraps every day!


The basket! – barely a dent made in it – yet I have been working every week at it even if only an hour or two a week.


And yes, I even made a little more progress on Pineapple Square this weekend – today I want to finish this row in between working on JC.  I have one square left on this row and then the border – someone said they thought I was quilting this very fast – keep in mind these blocks are only six inches!  I think the whole wall hanging is only 36 x 36 if I remember right.


When I get done with Joseph’s Coat and Pineapple Square I will be getting out the Red and Green Applique quilt and get busy on the applique border.  It has been so long since I worked on that one.  Joseph’s Coat will be going on the quilting frame and I will be working on those two projects – but I really want to start another as well and I have a book ordered and it should be coming by the end of the week I think.  I will share that when I get it and show it to you then.   That will be a hand piecing project that I will be working on off and on for a year most likely in between other projects. I have not forgotten the other quilts I listed a couple weeks ago – “Common Bride” , “Sedona Star” ect.  I will get to them too – next year Smile that’s the plan anyhow.

What are you working on today and maybe for the week?