Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sedona Star

by Karen on May 3, 2012

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Is anyone out there making the quilt called “Sedona Star”?  It is a BOM from the Quilt Show.  The pattern is by Sarah Vedeler and finishes at 88” x 88” – here is a clip of it:


I think it is a beautiful quilt.  I had joined the Quilt Show a couple years ago when I made the Star Crazy quilt which was a BOM at that time.  I let my membership lapse and then I saw someplace last week – I can’t remember where now – but someone posted that the Quilt Show was having a temporary “gift” of a month membership free – you just had to put in a code for the gift.  Once you have membership you can access the patterns.  It is listed under the BOM – you can look at it without a membership but you can not print out the pattern unless you have it.

My one month free membership let me access the first 5 months of the BOM  – how about that!  I immediately printed out all that I can and I will go back to it in December and print out the rest of the instructions by purchasing another month ($6.95)  It does involve a lot of paper and I know I could just download to my computer instead.  I have found though that if I do that I forget about!  This way I print it all out – like printing out a book! and put it in sleeve savers and put in a ring binder – then I will have it all ready when I am ready for it.

With the membership you can watch any of the classes and get other patterns and downloads.  I believe some you have to pay for and some you do not.

I most likely will do this quilt in a different color scheme – something scrappy of course to use my stash! Maybe next year?  This will be a challenging quilt to make.  I’m not sure which quilt will be my new quilt to make – I have the two new patterns by Edyta Star and one of those will most likely be next when I finish Joseph’s Coat.  That is after I finish the applique on the Red and Green Applique – that is the one that I will finish first as soon as I get done with Joseph’s Coat.