Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to Store Patterns

by Karen on May 9, 2012

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I mentioned last week that the plan for next year – or maybe this year? is to make the quilt called Sedona Star a BOM from the Quilt Show – I have 5 months of patterns and instructions printed out and in order!

Sometimes BOM’s come with few directions.   This one on the other hand prints out like a book!!  I got a ring binder and some page protectors.  This is going to be a 2 ring binder project.  I think I will just leave it all in the ring binders and make copies of the pattern pieces and then put it on the shelf to keep it.  I doubt I would ever make a second quilt of the same but one never knows!

How do you store your projects like this?    I start by printing out a large photo of the quilt top and slide it in the front of the ring binder – if it doesn’t have a “sleeve” for this I will tape it to the front – sometimes lament it also.


I print out the name of the pattern and slide it on the side.


5 months of instructions and patterns and it is full already and nice and neat in the protectors.


I am not going to do it in the same colors as shown – all that blue and turquoise is too much for me.  A lot of the light blue/turquoise and darker blue – have to go!  Right now I am thinking either white or black.  I have not had good luck with black in quilts as it picked up lint – but I used Kona Cotton Black and it is a thicker heavier fabric than some.  I have been told that Andover Black Dimples  doesn’t have that problem – if I use black I will give that one a try.

This quilt finishes at 88 x 88 so I will enlarge it with another border to make it bed size.  Why are so many quilts finished at 88 x 88 – that doesn’t fit a queen size bed with a high mattress does it?   I know it doesn’t fit my bed!  It seems that would be way too small for most queen size beds.

If you made this quilt would you go with the same color scheme or would you change the background colors like I intend to do?


Making a Switch

by Karen on May 9, 2012

in quilts

Do you change out quilts on your bed often?  I don’t really.  I normally have one on the bed that I made with a heavier batting for the cooler months, then switch it out about this time of year for one with a lighter batting.

Last week I put “Going in Circles” back on the bed – what a light airy feeling it gives the room.  Now I just have to find a new pillow for myself.  Mike likes his but I need something soft.  I have one of those memory foam neck pillows right now and it worked for a long time but recently it just hasn’t felt right.  I think I will search for a new pillow today.


I have made great progress on the row of Joseph’s Coat that I am working on in the past two days – 5 segments left to do.


I got in an hour of quilting and marking quilt lines on Star Crazy  last night while I watched a little tv.


Windows are open wide since last night – cool front has come through and it is in the 50’s at night right now and looks like for most of the week with dryer air I might be able to leave the windows open this week.