Saturday, May 12, 2012


by Karen on May 12, 2012

in quilts, Scrap Organizing

I have all the pieced sections of Star Crazy now quilted!  Straight lines from here on out.  I will do 3 lines on the side border here shown and on the blue sashing then I give it a couple cranks and will be on the final borders.  Such a nice feeling – I don’t think I can get done with the quilting by the 18th as that would have put me at 5 months of quilting – but it won’t be much past that before I am done and ready for binding.  If I hadn’t spent so much time running back and forth to help my mom out in Jan/Feb and if I hadn’t run to Paducah for 3 days, if I hadn’t run back to NW Ark to visit family last week — well if you count up actually days spent quilting it is more likely close to 4 months of quilting – that sounds much better LOL


All of the scraps that had been on the table are now in their boxes and a new small pressed pile is sitting here waiting for me to start.  And another small pile is waiting by the few clothes that need pressing from todays laundry – I will add them to this pile tomorrow.


If you look at the last photo of the wicker basket – and compare it to —


this – I think I can see a little progress made.  I think though that I will need to take the photos at the same angle from now on though to see progress for sure!


But now break time!  We are going to finally see the “Hunger Games” this afternoon and supper out!!

In case anyone noticed – construction is being done on the blog – my webmaster DH – Mike :) has been tweaking some on the sidebars.  I will be adding and deleting some from the  blogs read column – that doesn’t mean I am taking you off of my google reader, I will still keep up with you  – I have just so many things on the side bars of the blog that I didn’t like the look of it  – also took a few categories off of my tags.  Comments are now closed after a week – I have been getting so much spam lately something had to be done – if you wish to comment on something older than a week just get in touch with me through my contact page.