Tuesday, May 15, 2012


by Karen on May 15, 2012

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While thinking of what color scheme I wanted when I eventually make the Sedona Star quilt I decided on a white background and bright colors.  The white will be where that light and medium blue background fabric is – way too much of that color in there for me – the white might take the place of that purple also.  Aren’t these colors in this bundle wonderful!  I am waiting until all the instructions and the patterns are in at the end of the year before starting this quilt – but in the meantime when I saw this fabric I couldn’t pass it up – I got more than the one bundle shown – I made sure I got enough to do the whole quilt!  This fabric is Andover Dimples (jewels).


Check out Ladyfingers Sewing Studio – wonderful fabrics and some of them are lower in price than others I have seen. Judy over at Patchwork Times sent me to her.

Star Crazy moving along –  when this stretch is done I can give another couple rolls on the crank and will be on the final stretch – I don’t know if I will be able to reach the whole thing – it is 10” deep, might have to work on 5 inches  in depth and give it a crank down and then work on the final 5.


A little more work was done on the scraps – more stacking upon the table, progress is slow going – maybe it will be done by the end of the year LOL


This evening is being devoted to Joseph’s Coat – I have 3 hours of tv tonight – the season final of NCIS and the final of NCIS Los Angeles which is a 2 hour show tonight – maybe I can get a good amount of work done while watching/listening to these shows?


Joseph’s Coat

by Karen on May 15, 2012

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More progress on Joseph’s Coat.  Someone (I think Cathy) said they thought I was moving along quickly on this quilt and I thought no I hadn’t been – I started it last July I believe or was it August?  But then I remembered I was gone in September and October and hadn’t worked on it for 2 months, I was gone a week at Thanksgiving and it stayed home.  I ran back and forth to see my mom so many times when she was in poor health in January and February I lost track of how often I worked on it then – it is almost done – I guess I moved faster on it than I thought I had.  I think if I was actually counting days up it would total a good 7 or 8 months of hand piecing work.

I got another diagonal row cut out last evening and pinned in placed, stacked up and sewed one segment together – moving right along!  Laying in place.  Another person-sorry I lost track of who asked “how big is the quilt” – it will be about 104 x 104 inches I believe.


A closer view.


When the quilt is folded in half lengthwise you can see what is left to do – keep in mind the above row that was laying on the floor is now pinned and stacked up so that part is in your imaginations for laying over some of the orangey colors – what is left is not a lot is it!


Almost done!!!

I will show how Star Crazy is going later – I actually worked on it a bit yesterday also.