Thursday, May 17, 2012

Star Crazy

by Karen on May 17, 2012

in gardening

Ok, what have I been doing today – working my fingers to the bone trying to finish Star Crazy – I just plain want to get it done!  Almost there – another hour or two and it will be done – maybe more work later? Maybe tomorrow? This much left to do Smile Right now I need to take a break!


This much done since yesterday morning —


I did take a long break earlier today and finished reading Stolen Prey started about 36 hours ago — I told you when I get into a good book, I can’t put it down.  Although I did put it down for a little bit this morning while I was out on the porch taking a break from quilting to take some photos of this little guy.

My ferns have a water reservoir in the bottom of the pot – it always attracts tree frogs.  They practically live in it the whole summer.  I love listening to them crooking noises.




Some Fabric Sales

by Karen on May 17, 2012

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Nothing new going on here just the same old stuff– I continue to work on Joseph’s Coat and Star Crazy so I thought today I’d let you know of some sales going on.

Head on over to “the twiddletails store” Anina is having a sale – a clean up sale as she calls it.  I have ordered from her in the past – nice reliable service!

Also the Fabric Depot is having a sale – I have ordered only a time or two from them but remember them being reliable also.

For those of you who have the Go Baby, or the AccuQuilt full size – do you really think they are worth the money you spent on them?  Are you constantly spending more money on them buying new dies and trays.  If you are a hand quilter and often a hand piecer are you pleased that you bought it or does it mainly make sense to get one if you are constantly cranking out one quilt after another.

I have heard so much of these things but the other day I went into the site to look at them and start to add up prices – my goodness – talk expensive!!!  If you go to the AccuQuilt website and write down which machine you want, then start to tally up all the pieces you need – trays, mats, dies WOW it gets pretty darn expensive!  Those dies – well you can’t just get one Smile, I think I got up to $1,000 and said ok I don’t think this is for me – now if I won one that would be something else – but to buy – give me your opinions –if you have one why did you buy it? Do you just not like to cut with a rotary cutter, scissors – Now I totally understand if you are putting kits together, have a handicap with your hands like severe arthritis or whatever – but I think I will stick with my rotary cutter and scissors for now.