Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A New Bag

by Karen on May 22, 2012

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Several years ago I won a piece of hand dyed red fabric from Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber.  I hate to admit it but I lost track of that piece of fabric – it got tucked down in between several pieces of fabric among the short stacks – I forgot I had it.  I found it recently and I immediately once again wondered what should I make out of it.  I love the large tote bag that I made last month and the pattern came in three sizes.  I decided to make the medium size bag.  I have been busy today making this bag and I got some work done on Joseph’s Coat too – more on that one tomorrow.

The fabric.


First I pieced together a charm package of squares to use for the inside lining.


I had enough of that patchwork for two sides and one pocket.  I used some of the red for the center piece and one more pocket on the inside.


I am pleased with the look! The front.


The back


Two inside pockets, one outside pocket and I put a loop inside to hook my keys on.  Now tomorrow I need to shop for a new wallet – this one is going to be a large purse – I can fit my kindle in it for times I want it with me.  I can fit brochures in it when at museums and such – I can never fit them in the purses I normally use (smaller than this), my camera can be tossed in,  I’m going to get a couple small flat cosmetic types bags for organizing and it will be set!

Thank you Vicki for the win – sorry it took me so long to make something out of it!!


Joseph’s Coat

by Karen on May 22, 2012

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Now that Star Crazy is done and on my bed there is no reason to not throw myself into finishing up Joseph’s Coat.  It has been 10 months at least since I started this quilt – yes I know I am hand piecing it but still – enough already – I’m ready to be done with this quilt top and move on to more!!

I finished piecing the latest of the blues and that diagonal row is now ready to be stitched on to the top.  I’ll lay it out and take another photo after I get this row sewed on to it.


I think I am going to make another tote bag – using the same pattern as the last one but the medium size version.  I’m not sure if I will start it today or not –

I got some more fabric on sale – it seems like I am stocking up a little bit right now while things are on sale.  I guess with the Quilt Market having just taken place in Kansas City some of the sites have been putting things on sale making room for new stuff.  I ordered the two solid color packages from Judi at Green Fairy they are called “Cotton Shades” from Riley Blake it was 40% off!  – they actually go really well with 2 other stacks of fabric that Mike got me for Christmas – one is a Riley Blake collection as well and the other is Bonnie & Camilla’s


I’m not sure if I will mix and match these 4 bundles or not into a large quilt or make several small quilts.  I need to look at patterns and see what I like.  I still plan on making the quilts I have previously mentioned in the last several weeks – but there is always room for more!  With these fabrics I am thinking something with big pieces, modern looking with white thrown in also – hmm – now to decide on a pattern and will I get started on something new this summer or not  – I know I don’t want to get back into the working on 3 to 5 things at once again but sometimes it just seems like you really want to work on more than two at a time doesn’t it!