Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pineapple Square

by Karen on May 24, 2012

in quilts

Now that Star Crazy is finished and off of the quilting frame I have the little wall hanging, Pineapple Square on the quilting frame.  I must admit to not working on it a lot but I have made progress.  I thought this would be a good quilt to work on right now while I finish up Joseph’s Coat because I want to put that one directly on to the quilting frame when I get it finished.  If Pineapple Square is not finished that is ok – it can be pin basted easily, taken off the frame and put in a hoop.

It is very hard trying to stick with my rule of only working on two quilts at a time this year in order to finish some things up.  In fact I think in the next couple years I should try to add a new rule of going back to hand work only – either piecing or applique –  so I can get caught up on my hand quilting!  That way I wouldn’t crank out tops quickly and the quilting could get caught up – or maybe not – who can tell! ( I really do not think I will get caught up on the tops – but one can try).

Simple lines for quilting and outline the applique.  I need to decide today how I am quilting the blocks now – there are a lot of seams so simple is a must.  Also because I want to get done with it quickly it must stay simple.



I did get busy on Joseph’s Coat yesterday on the new row.  It is going quickly now that the rows are getting so much shorter – I think I have the row half finished already, I will show it when I get done.

I have so many ideas going through my head for quilts to make – do you all make up a list or just keep it in your head?  I have several patterns that I bought or printing out as the patterns become available each month, then I see a photo of something else and think I want to make that too – where does it end!! I can’t keep up with all the ideas!!!