Friday, May 25, 2012

Quilt Group

by Karen on May 25, 2012

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We had a mini-quilt show today it seemed.  Shirley brought in two of her quilts and I had two of mine.

This one of Shirley’s needs the binding on it – it just came back from the long arm quilter she uses here.  Shirley is from Michigan but lives here part of the time as her husband is a contract worker at the nuclear plant like my husband Mike is – just work in different fields.  They are going back to Michigan for the summer than back here in the fall then home permanently next year I believe.  We will miss her and all the quilts she makes!


Another of Shirley’s – she had this one custom quilted.


A close up of the quilting.


My Star Crazy all spread out


Joseph’s Coat, I had the short blue row finished by the end of the group so I got a photo of it, I need to sew that row down and get the black circles on it then on to the next.


The next rows are all in the turquoise/green group –


I have had a hard time trying to get the true color here but this is about as close as I can get.  I am getting so close to the end now that I do believe I will have to drape this out over the design wall now and try to mix in the colors right for this last corner.  This might happen this weekend – but who knows, I’m not sure what we are doing on this three day weekend.  The end is very much in sight though for this quilt top.  I think what is left to do is about equal to the corner of yellow’s on the opposite end.



Pineapple Square

by Karen on May 25, 2012

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I am off to quilt group this morning in a little bit so I will just show you my Pineapple Square progress right now.  I finally decided how to quilt the blocks themselves.  I actually started a different way and then picked stitches out on a block and decided this instead.


There are only 16 blocks in this little wall hanging so it won’t take all that long to do!  I am bringing Star Crazy and Joseph’s Coat with me this morning to lay out on the big floor.  I have the diagonal row almost completed  – If we aren’t talking too much I might be able to get it done this morning – we will see – sometimes I get very little done at group.  I will take a new photo of what is done so far as it is so hard to do it here at home.

I’ll post the new photo’s this afternoon – I have errands to run after the quilting group is over.

The weatherman from the Little Rock news told us yesterday that we are officially in a drought here in Arkansas – I was thinking – “really I could have told you that a week or more ago!” We are also in a burn ban area – I guess it was a good thing I used the fire pit out on the patio a couple weeks ago because it is looking like I might not be using it much this summer at all.   Also heat wave time – in the 90’s – hot and dry – I guess I will be making progress on the quilts I will be  where it is nice and cool in the afternoons.