Circles done


Last night I went and woke up at about 1 AM or so and was awake for awhile, I usually do not sew but as I sat there wishing I was sleeping instead I finished sewing the circles on the row of Joseph’s Coat that I was working on yesterday – that is right these rows are getting so short now that yesterday I was able to sew the row on twice!  Why twice you might ask – because I wasn’t paying attention and I was almost finished sewing the row on when I noticed I hadn’t started at the top of the row but at the segment second from the top!  Image the words coming out of my mouth when I discovered that minutes away from thinking I had the row sewed on in place!!

All was well in the end – I took a break – unpicked stitches – took another break and then sewed it back in place before the end of the day.


Last night before going to bed I worked on the Pineapple Square wall hanging and I have two more blocks quilted, I will do the border part today and give it another crank and move on at some point this weekend – most likely later today as I always seem to find a couple minutes here and there to quilt.


My little tree frog is still living in the fern – I look at it every day and he is sitting in the water reservoir enjoying the cooling water I suppose – he must hunt for bugs off and on at various times of the day and night as whenever I look he is most often right back there in his summer home!  Sometimes when I am sitting on the porch all of a sudden I will hear him start to make his loud croaking noises – so much noise coming out of such a small frog.  Yes that pot is kind of dirty, but I’m not going to try to wash it now – it might drive him away. Smile


I will get around to beginning the next row of Joseph’s Coat today – I might mix two of the next colors together for it – I want to try to get all of these colors used but I am beginning to run out of space.  I will play with color placement a little I think as I get some pieces cut.

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  • Karen L. May 26, 2012

    Don’t you just hate when you wake in the middle of the night with eyes wide open? At least you were able to be productive. If I get up, my dogs think it time to get up also. Karen, you should remind people who read your blog to go vote for your Star Crazy quilt in the online contest that you entered. I just did that but boy, there are a lot of quilts entered. Got my fingers crossed for you!!!

  • Karen May 26, 2012

    I’m number 531!! if anyone wants to vote.

  • Doreen May 26, 2012

    So glad you posted your number. Went looking for it (before it hit the 600 mark!) and there are way too many “Karen”s!!!! Got my vote taken care of! So much talent in those tiny “thumbnails”!!!!
    Doreen recently posted…Taking a moment to remember………My Profile

  • Pip May 26, 2012

    I voted too, such a lot of quilts to look at, I’m glad you put your number up. The frog is too cute, we have some in our yard somewhere, I only hear them after we’ve had a lot of rain. I’m another one that hates it when I wake in the middle of the night, I would usually get up for a while and then go back to bed, but it’s too cold to do that now so I snuggle in bed instead and think about quilts I want to make 🙂
    (which doesn’t help me go back to sleep)
    Pip recently posted…Some mending to do …My Profile

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