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First off before I get to what I am working on I want to apologize for sending people over to Amy’s Creative Side yesterday for voting on all the quilts that were nominated – she never got it posted!  It must have been overwhelming all that work of complying all the nominations into some order! over 600 quilts had been entered into that festival I wonder how many were nominated to the categories she had shown.   Maybe it will be ready for voting today – I haven’t seen the new blog post to the nominations this morning? Winners are to be announced on Friday from what her schedule had said.

Head on over to Judy at Patchwork Times and see what everyone else is working on today and most likely throughout the week.

I said I wasn’t going to show any more photos of Joseph’s Coat until I was finished with it – but I will – there is so little left to do and I just don’t have much else to show LOL.  I laid that last row down so well for the photo it almost looks like it is already sewed in place – it isn’t.  I will sew this row down today and work on the circles –  only 7 circles needed for this row – I remember when it seemed like it was over 20 for a row!  The rest of the pieces are cut out and ready for me to get started on them.  I will be working on little else until this one is done – I’m always like that when I get to an end – I just want to finish.


I did do a little more though than work on JC this weekend – I got some more scraps cut! one day I will be finished (in a year perhaps?) I will try to cut a few scraps every day!


The basket! – barely a dent made in it – yet I have been working every week at it even if only an hour or two a week.


And yes, I even made a little more progress on Pineapple Square this weekend – today I want to finish this row in between working on JC.  I have one square left on this row and then the border – someone said they thought I was quilting this very fast – keep in mind these blocks are only six inches!  I think the whole wall hanging is only 36 x 36 if I remember right.


When I get done with Joseph’s Coat and Pineapple Square I will be getting out the Red and Green Applique quilt and get busy on the applique border.  It has been so long since I worked on that one.  Joseph’s Coat will be going on the quilting frame and I will be working on those two projects – but I really want to start another as well and I have a book ordered and it should be coming by the end of the week I think.  I will share that when I get it and show it to you then.   That will be a hand piecing project that I will be working on off and on for a year most likely in between other projects. I have not forgotten the other quilts I listed a couple weeks ago – “Common Bride” , “Sedona Star” ect.  I will get to them too – next year Smile that’s the plan anyhow.

What are you working on today and maybe for the week?

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  • nanci May 28, 2012

    I have finally gotten busy with my life and quilting too in the past week. I love the hand quilting you do, so 36″ won’t be too much of a challenge will it.
    Your garden must be coming along well too. As our summer season approaches, the flowers are starting to bloom here at the cottage and the hummingbirds, all five of them are ever busy. Without rain though, not too many bugs which the birds do need.

  • Jo May 28, 2012

    I was sad when you said you weren’t going to post any more pics of JC till it’s done. Really, i think this is the coolest quilt i’ve ever seen. It’s got to be my favorite ever! Are you keeping it? I hope so, it’s just too special! Thanks for sharing!….Jo

  • Quilter Kathy May 28, 2012

    It’s an ongoing battle to stay ahead of the scraps for me!
    Love the hand quilting photo!
    Quilter Kathy recently posted…Design Wall Monday #19 – Broken DishesMy Profile

  • Kathleen May 28, 2012

    when I first saw Joseph’s Coat I thought it was impossible. It has been a good reminder to me that nothing is impossible if you keep at it. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Cathi May 28, 2012

    I can’t wait to see your finished Joseph’s Coat quilt — it is stunning!
    I’m going to try to spend most of my stitching time this week on my red and white Feathered Star quilt.
    Cathi recently posted…New York Beauties in the PinkMy Profile

  • Connie May 28, 2012

    You really have some beautiful projects! Trying to keep a head of scraps in a orderly manner is always fun!
    Connie recently posted…Pineapple TreeMy Profile

  • AnnieO May 28, 2012

    Such beautiful colors in your JC–and happy day coming when it is all complete–congrats on your amazing progress so far. The pineapple looks terrific. Your long range plans are ambitious but obviously make you happy! My scraps are defeating me just now–I had them all over the cutting table yesterday but just couldn’t think what I will do with a lot of them, so back in the bulging boxes they went!

  • Kate May 28, 2012

    All of your projects are beautiful.

    I never make headway with the scraps because I keep adding to the stack!
    Kate recently posted…Design Wall Monday – May 28thMy Profile

  • Melinda May 28, 2012

    Great progress! Can’t wait to see more of Joseph’s Coat. Scraps seem to multiply when you aren’t looking don’t they.
    Melinda recently posted…Design Wall Monday–May 28, 2012My Profile

  • Bonnie May 28, 2012

    still love Jc! And, I also like your 6″ pineapple squares
    Bonnie recently posted…Design Wall Monday 5.28.12My Profile

  • Vicki H. May 29, 2012

    Lovely projects! The Jc is so close to being done I can’t believe it, I would be working on it for years. I am working on a tiny twister quilt. Just for fun, no destination in mind, in super bright colors.

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