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I don’t know how many of you have forgotten my Red and Green Applique quilt top that I started making about 2 years ago? I finished the blocks and put the top together last year but I never decided on an applique border.  Finally – I made my decision.

When I finish Joseph’s Coat and have it ready to start to quilt I will need to get busy and find another hand project to work on.  I must finish this top and that will be the next to work on.


A close up


I was going to make something that was kind of half way between fancy and simple but it had a lot of small pieces in it.  I decided because a lot of the pieces in these blocks are actually large that something with bigger pieces would be appropriate.  This quilt is more of a “folk art” type of quilt and simple and big will work.

This is the border I picked – image reds and greens – a little of pinks and yellows as they are used in the blocks.  I few more flowers along the edges than what they show in the photo.  Always hard to judge from seeing a totally different kind of quilt with a border but trust me – this is going to work out!


I think applique on this quilt will keep me busy for quite a few months this summer!

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