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Is anyone out there making the quilt called “Sedona Star”?  It is a BOM from the Quilt Show.  The pattern is by Sarah Vedeler and finishes at 88” x 88” – here is a clip of it:


I think it is a beautiful quilt.  I had joined the Quilt Show a couple years ago when I made the Star Crazy quilt which was a BOM at that time.  I let my membership lapse and then I saw someplace last week – I can’t remember where now – but someone posted that the Quilt Show was having a temporary “gift” of a month membership free – you just had to put in a code for the gift.  Once you have membership you can access the patterns.  It is listed under the BOM – you can look at it without a membership but you can not print out the pattern unless you have it.

My one month free membership let me access the first 5 months of the BOM  – how about that!  I immediately printed out all that I can and I will go back to it in December and print out the rest of the instructions by purchasing another month ($6.95)  It does involve a lot of paper and I know I could just download to my computer instead.  I have found though that if I do that I forget about!  This way I print it all out – like printing out a book! and put it in sleeve savers and put in a ring binder – then I will have it all ready when I am ready for it.

With the membership you can watch any of the classes and get other patterns and downloads.  I believe some you have to pay for and some you do not.

I most likely will do this quilt in a different color scheme – something scrappy of course to use my stash! Maybe next year?  This will be a challenging quilt to make.  I’m not sure which quilt will be my new quilt to make – I have the two new patterns by Edyta Star and one of those will most likely be next when I finish Joseph’s Coat.  That is after I finish the applique on the Red and Green Applique – that is the one that I will finish first as soon as I get done with Joseph’s Coat.

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  • Debbie in Alaska May 3, 2012

    I was really tempted a couple of years ago to pay the monthly fee to join the quilt show when Sue Garman did the BOM but I restrained myself somehow.
    Debbie in Alaska recently posted…Sewing Up a StormMy Profile

  • Doreen May 3, 2012

    You have quite an agenda planned for your future days!! I have to stay clear of even casually looking at these sites and BOM offerings. Have to even be careful of all the QALs that are out there. I have so many items to get going on. I hope I can use some of the quilting technique helps that are currently being blogged about….they are so awesome! Will certainly continue to follow your quilting journey (smile)….Hugs, Doreen
    Doreen recently posted…All but the binding…….My Profile

  • Joyce May 4, 2012

    I’m doing the Sedona Star but have only gotten Month 1 accomplished. My business work has to take center stage and well, after that life sometimes happens. :\ But I have all the fabrics, love them, and love the pattern so I will continue on! 🙂
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  • Judy Mason Jul 17, 2015

    I wish I had seen this earlier. Instructions are no longer available on Quilt Show although I just joined.

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