Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finally I have something done!  I really have been lazy this week Smile  I have a second Patchwork of The Crosses block finished – it really didn’t take that long in hours – just more days than it should have!  I haven’t kept a strict accounting of my time but I think these first two blocks took about 5 or 6 hours each – time will get faster as I continue to make them and get used to them.  I am going to make all of the blocks first then join them as they are in the book deciding on the color of the squares sometime in the future (I’m thinking black).

Block #2


Block #1 and #2


I hadn’t planned on fussy cutting but this one selection of fabric — which is actually the same as Block #2 printed out just fine to use these as fussy cut–so that is what I will do with them, in the future if I find some that match up I will use them as such but just those that happen to come out right.

Beginning of Block #3 – it still needs a row of white around it of course – I just don’t have room on the “drawing board” until I get some of it pieced together.


What the 3 of them together look like:


I really like the look of this quilt and even though it will take some time to do it I’m pleased that I decided to do it.  I love the pattern.  I will update as I get more blocks done – but don’t expect one a day Smile maybe more like one a week!

Thanks for the comments yesterday on all of the on-line shops that you all use.  Some were mentioned that I haven’t used and it is nice to know how others like them.  I totally forgot to list a couple that I do use – but others mentioned them so they got on the list!  Of course I did get one or two e mails sent to me that says we shouldn’t use on line shops but support our local quilt shops instead so they don’t go out of business.  I thought (I have) I explained I don’t have a local quilt shop and sorry but I am not going to always drive 85 miles one way only to find out they have nothing to go with what I want to use in a project! On-Shops support this need for quilters who have no shop and if you have never lived in the country you might not realize that a lot of the people who live in the country do not have quilt shops near by!