Thursday, June 14, 2012


by Karen on June 14, 2012

in gardening

I am seeing hexagons all over the place!


A close up


Isn’t it funny that when you start to work with hexagons you start to see them every place Smile

I recently saw this flower but haven’t a clue for the name – anyone know it?


I should be back to quilting on Monday I think my fingers will be back in shape then – I never did get the prep H – I need to do that, I keep forgetting when I run in a store!   I think I will take the weekend off of  blogging though and start fresh on Monday – talk to you all then!


These are all of the colors I have that I plan on using in The Patchwork of The Crosses.  I’m looking through them and I see a couple more that should work for fussing cutting.  A couple pretty strips that should work as two of the three blocks that I have been making are.  I’m not sure on the other ones, I will have to look them over and then the stash to see what I have.  I don’t really plan on buying more unless I really have to.


Morning Glory?  Isn’t it pretty!  I will have to try to grow these.


Do you see anything weird here in this photo Smile


That’s right a lizard in the flower!  Coming out the other side!  how funny, almost missed it but Mike happened to see it as he glanced over at it.


Such a pretty lizard.