Monday, June 18, 2012

The Beginning of Our Vacation

by Karen on June 18, 2012

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This is a vacation post so if you are not interested – just skip it Smile  I will post a quilty thing in the morning.  This post is aimed at family as it is about a family member.

The first night stop on our trip to Charleston SC was  Andersonville, GA.  A lot of you in the United States will  have heard of Andersonville as a major horrific prisoner of war camp in the Civil War which was 150 years ago.  Mike is a Civil War buff and wanted to see it.  What we didn’t know was that it is now the National POW Museum – housing artifacts from all the wars that we have had prisoners from.  My Uncle Linus was a POW for just about the entire length of WWII in the Pacific.  One of my brothers had done some research recently and found out that Linus’s rosary was in a POW museum but we thought it was in Atlanta.  Imagine my surprise wandering through this museum and finding that the rosary was here in Andersonville along with other items of his from the War.  The items in this museum are on a rotating basis – what is there now might be put in storage next month and other things will be put out – that Linus’s items were being displayed and we visited are such a coincidence – eerie isn’t it!

My Uncle Linus survived the Bataan Death March in the Philippines shortly after the war started.  Linus rarely ever talked about his time as a POW according to my father – he told his family about it after he got home from being a prisoner for more than 3 1/2 years – skin and bones – so thin a brisk wind could have knocked him over.  He died about 25 years ago – I have good memories of him even though I didn’t see him often as he lived in Mississippi most of the time and we were in Wisconsin.

Here are some of his things and quotes that are in the museum.


Photos taken through glass so not all are clear.


I have no idea what “quan” is – I am assuming raw fish or something like that as my dad told me that the POW’s survived on rice and raw fish – mainly fish heads and parts we don’t want to eat!




My uncle is the on the right side of the photo, in between the two older men in the front row – he has very dark hair and a skinny mustache you can see a hand on his shoulder of the man in back of him.  I recognized him immediately in this photo although there are no names on this photo I know it is him.  When my niece saw my photo album that I posted on facebook for my family she showed her mother= my little sister the photo before she even said that Uncle Linus was in the photo Lisa was picking him out too so for both of us to immediately recognize him I feel very certain that it is him.  The caption said it was taken July 4th 1942 this would have been about 3 months after he was captured.  It said they were celebrating the 4th if discovered they would have been severely punished.  I have no idea how they managed to have this photo taken and how it survived the war.  It looks like he stayed fairly healthy for a short while but it went very downhill from there.






Next vacation post will be from Charleston.


We got home around noon yesterday and I was busy every since.  I was surprised to find that even though it has been very hot and dry that some of my plants managed to survive.  I spent part of the day moving water around trying to revive what I have.    It might work Smile it will be a wait and see game.  We are in a drought for sure, every thing is so dry.  On the way home we even saw some trees that were drying up when we got within 100 miles from home.  Before we left I put my ferns and flower baskets in plastic storage boxes filled with water and placed them in the deep shade – it worked! they were still alive.

I finished Block #4  – when I start the next block I will start getting the tutorial put together and take photos as I put the block together – hopefully I will have it put together next week.


The 4 POTC blocks done –


I got a little quilting done last evening – I hope to get back to working on Joseph’s Coat almost every day.  I had part of the light yellow quilted now I am over into the darker yellow.


I had searched on line before we left for Charleston to see if there was a quilt shop in the area for “just in case” and I managed to get there!  A very nice shop in Summerville SC – called “People, Places, & Quilts”  I loved it – such friendly staff – beautiful inside the store and welcoming rocking chairs outside.  This shop is about 25 miles north of Charleston.






I didn’t get a lot but I did manage to come out the store with a little bit!  The store is so roomy and comfortable.  It used to be a hardware store and at one time the front was hardware the upstairs (you go up about 4 or 5 steps) was yard goods – eventually the whole space became a quilt shop.  More photos on their web page linked earlier on this post.

Wrapped around the 11 fat quarters you see here is the 12th fat quarter – I haven’t opened it yet but it looks like they wrap a box with a fat quarter to have it packaged nicely.


Now I am off later this morning to a dental appointment I had scheduled – just a cleaning – then grocery shopping and back home to stay inside while it is hot again this afternoon.  I think I will get some quilting done this week – in the mid to high 90’s all week!