Friday, June 29, 2012

I got one more POTC block done today – I did this one with pinks and grays earlier in the week.


And I did this one yesterday and today –


I have 8 done now – I took this photo at quilting this morning and this block that I have finished today I had just finished and it wasn’t pressed for this photo – although looking at it here I can’t really tell that too much and I had thought it would be really noticeable.  Only about 72 more to make I think!  — one day it will get done.  I really like the gray and pink one I need to do some more with that type of color to even out the brights.



This wasn’t even as hot as it got yesterday –  it actually got up to 104.5 by 5 – this clock on the left is an hour or so off – never use it so I don’t’ reset it.  But I won’t talk about the heat other to say that I am staying in the house most of the day and I am piecing POTC, I am quilting Joseph’s Coat, and I am slowly getting the green stem appliqued all the way around the Red and Green quilt – not working much on that one I admit.  And I know we are all suffering from the heat – or a good many of us in the US that is.


Joseph’s Coat has been cranked down again the other day and I have been quilting while watching episode after episode of “Folye’s War”.  A couple more cranks of the rollers and the light yellow colors will be gone.


Another POTC block done and another one that I hope to finish this morning at quilt group and if I don’t finish it there I most likely will here at home as I will be staying in the rest of the day when I do get home – 108 today they say.


Last night I went outside at 8 PM to water a few plants on the porch and it was still 100 degrees – I had thought to sit outside for a little while to enjoy that time of the evening as usually I do.    Needless to say – I went back inside – I have a feeling this will be a long summer.  We are now in an Extreme Drought they say for my area of Arkansas.  We need rain badly – some of the trees are turning brown already and here it is the end of June not September or October – they might be dead by then.