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Inklingo, Lucy Boston–Patchwork of the Crosses

Yes that’s right my new project is from Linda Franz’s collection called “Inklingo” I have added a button on my side bar that leads to her shop and blog.  The quilt I am making is called “Lucy Boston’s – Patchwork Of The Crosses” or (POTC for short) .  It is made with long hexagons.  I am hand piecing the quilt top which I hope to make queen size –  final size depends on if I get bored with it.  This quilt top is a good one for fussy cut – but I’m not fussy and I am just doing plan old scrappy!!  At the link above Linda tells you all about the history of Lucy Boston who is rather famous in England for a set of children’s books that she wrote.  She started to quilt and hand piece when she got into her 60’s – lived to the ripe old age of 98.  The Patchwork of Crosses was made sometime in the 1950’s.

My book arrived today although I already had the pdf file downloaded last Wednesday.  You can make the quilt without the book if you want as all is explained on the pdf file but I wanted the book too Smile there is the history written up in it of Lucy Boston and photos.


This is what the quilt looks like completed as Lucy did it.  Hers finished at 88 x 99 inches – mine might be slightly bigger as I like my quilts to fit a deep mattress with plenty of overhang.  Maybe I will make it one row longer and one row wider?  Not sure.


The little storage box that I showed last week was for this project and I have been busy printing my templates out on fabric and getting them cut – you can cut with a rotary cutter and/or scissors.  I tend to do both, I cut most with the rotary cutter and then when I sit down to watch tv or outside to enjoy the air I get the scissors out and snip some of the corners off.


Some of the colors I am using.


Some of the fabric that has been printed out but not totally prepped yet.  You can see how it all prints out – a seam line already there for you to hand piece on or if you wish English paper piecing can be done with a different template I believe (I am not positive about what template you use as I didn’t choose to do that method)


My little sewing kit.  I have my little applique pins in here and I haven’t even used a pin yet! The hexagons have 1 inch sides and I haven’t felt the need to use a pin.


Everyone has their own method of doing hand piecing and working with these little hexagons – I find I really like to use my felt covered sand paper board with the plastic storage box and 12 1/2 ruler that fits over it and I will use it for this project as well.  I really like to lay my blocks out to see them – I find if I don’t I tend to get placement wrong – I will go with what works for me.  Also by using my project box this little sewing kit fits in it snuggly holding the sandpaper board, felt and ruler all in place and nothing shifts out of place!

Of course I have been working on my first block the last couple days in between quilting on Joseph’s Coat and binding Pineapple Square (which I will show another day).  My practice block is almost finished.   It has been going so smoothly!  I just need to get that row of white all the way around it and then on to another block.  I will be joining all the blocks together as pictured on the back of the book after they are all done so I can put up the design wall and decide on color placement.  I’m not sure what the square pieces that join them will be  –  color I mean, I will decide that later.


Yes I know some of you will think I am nuts for starting another hand piecing project but it is the method I prefer over all.  I do not like to be tied to the sewing machine – I dislike the noise for one thing and I just feel more comfortable taking my time and stitching by hand.  I have done it for years and years.

I know I will need some breaks from this quilt top from time to time and so my applique project for the Red and Green Traditional Applique quilt will be going on at the same time.  I need to start prepping some pieces and get busy on that as well.  I will be working on three projects for the rest of the year I believe.  I really hope to get Joseph’s Coat done by the end of the year and get another quilt top on the frame.  I have some catching up to do so I think it will be just hand work for some time to come – I will be making less tops and hopefully eventually get caught up on the quilting.

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  • Teresa Jun 5, 2012

    Karen ~ I love this quilt! It is on my ‘to do’ list~ I love your organization. Enjoy your hand piecing (=:

  • Jeanne in Ohio Jun 5, 2012

    This is really an intriguing project. I’ll be really interested to follow your progress. I’m contemplating starting a regular hexie project, but haven’t decided between hand-piecing or EPP. I’m a novice at both, so it will be a learning experience.
    Jeanne in Ohio recently posted…It’s been a whileMy Profile

  • Ruth Jun 5, 2012

    Wow! This might be next after the start quilt I’m doing. I can’t wait to follow your progress.
    Ruth recently posted…Elder careMy Profile

  • Flo Jun 5, 2012

    This will be a beautiful quilt….what a lot of work!! I love the colours that you are using.
    Now I know why I don’t hand piece …LOL….I am and instant gratification kind of gal!
    Flo recently posted…on dislpayMy Profile

  • Julie Thomas Jun 5, 2012

    You are so inspirational! When I grow up, I want to be just like you–and since I am almost your age, I’d better get busy. 🙂

  • Debbie in Alaska Jun 5, 2012

    Love the new pattern!
    Debbie in Alaska recently posted…Show and TellMy Profile

  • I didn’t realise that Lucy Boston the author was the same person as POTC Lucy Boston!! How fabulous!
    I love your new project – your first block is looking great!
    Archie the wonder dog recently posted…Fresh Sewing Day – finally!My Profile

  • Charlotte Jun 5, 2012

    This is truly a beautiful pattern!

  • Marianne Jun 5, 2012

    Well, you DO like a challenge! I would probably do one block and call it quits. But then, I’m not much of a handpiecer. Your first block is looking really good, though! I have used Inklingo for half-square triangles. It’s great to have the cutting and sewing lines all printed out. Enjoy this new start!

  • Pip Jun 5, 2012

    A friend and I have been looking at Inklingo, I can’t decided whether to try it out, seeing all your pieces all marked and ready to go, makes me think I should try it at least once.

    I enjoy both hand piecing and machine piecing, I find hand piecing relaxing and it is easy to take along to sit and sews, less fuss than a machine, often I get more done hand piecing than the machine sewers 🙂
    Pip recently posted…A finishMy Profile

  • Vivian Jun 5, 2012

    Did you print on a full size sheet and then cut the blocks in the rectangles? I had thought about using Inklingo for my next double wedding ring. But not sure I want to spend the $40 for the pattern. Hmmm! I wonder how hard it would be to make my own. Interesting!
    Vivian recently posted…No sewing time . . . yetMy Profile

  • Rebecca Grace Mar 10, 2014

    Aha! I went hunting back through your archives and found the first post about your Patchwork of the Crosses project! And of course I enjoyed plenty of posts about other quilts along the way. Your work is truly inspiring.
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…No Hearts for Rebecca: A New Applique Project!My Profile

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