Drayton Hall–Vacation


More vacation photos – quilting stuff in the morning.

Our second stop in Charleston was at Drayton Hall – an old historic plantation – the twist in this big house is that what you see is what you get.  No renovations – strictly about the architecture of the house – no furnishing, no new paint job.

This plantation is very near the one I showed yesterday.  This is the house – we took a guided tour through the house.


Oh My!!  more alligators!  we saw about 4 more here at this pond – sometimes laying in the grass right next to the water, others in the water.  That’s right real close to the house.


The porch leading into the house.


The privy 1791.


Windows for air circulation and a fireplace inside of this little house for winter time.  And so many little “holes” to use.  And are those handicapped accessible? What are the “arms” around two of them for if not to help you get up?  Way before their time Smile  and look at that tiny one way to the right – just the right size for a 2 year old!!



Plaster carved ceiling – no one allowed on the floor above this room – they want to keep the ceiling as well preserved as possible.



Another of the alligator – zoom lens!  Couldn’t get over seeing these creatures here just laying by the water ponds.


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  • Karen L. Jun 20, 2012

    Yikes! Over the last few days you have shown us two very prehistoric looking creatures … first the armadillo and now the alligator. I do believe I would rather meet up in a dark alley with the first rather than the second. Gators are really fast so I hope that it only looks like you were close to them. And boy isn’t that a fancy looking privy? Windows for light and air; fireplace for winter warmth. But of course this house is not your run of the mill family house. That privy is certainly not like any I have seen. It’s actually quite civilized …. if one can use that word when describing a privy! lol

  • Gwynette in NW Arkansas Jun 20, 2012

    I think I’m enjoying your vacation photos as much as you enjoyed your vacation!! I’m from Louisiana and love the old manor houses. We lived up and down the east coast with Gene’s job and went to every Civil War battlefield and attraction we could when there, from Manassas to Appomattox. We were at Appomattox on a cold and dreary day in April, no other tourists, and it was so easy to imagine the clanking of arms being stacked when Lee’s men surrendered on a long ago April day. The preservation of history is so important.

    With that said about the history laden east, we are thinking about Montana in early Sept…. LOL……… The wild, wild West calls!!!!

  • glen in louisiana Jun 21, 2012

    You don’t think of alligators as being in Charleston! They are here in Louisiana for sure! We have ‘dillos in our back yard. They carry the germ for leprosy and you can get paid by the Hansen’s Disease Center near here for bringing them in alive.

    I have found the dogs actually playing tug of war with one. Not fun to get that out of their grasp.

    glen in louisiana recently posted…Karen, If You Are Reading This….Close Your EyesMy Profile

  • Vivian Jun 21, 2012

    Oh I would love to get mt hands on that plantation, if I had the money to remodel. lol Love old houses.
    Vivian recently posted…More progress on Stocking PillowMy Profile

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