Middleton Place


Vacation Post – skip it if you want Smile something on the quilts tomorrow.

Middleton Place was one of the places I wanted to see when searching on line before we left for things to do in Charleston SC area.  It was beautiful!  If you are going to the area and you want to see a lot of historic places check at the Visitor Center in the historic downtown area for package tickets.  We saved about a hundred dollars by purchasing a 2-day package deal.    I believe it covered 2 museums and 5 historic houses and 2 plantations.  So many that we actually finally skipped at least one house as we were exhausted and we skipped the Art Museum – if we ever make it back to the area we will see those then. We still saved money even though we didn’t see those places with the tickets we bought at the visitor center.

This is the old Plantation house site – it was destroyed in the Civil War.  The link above shows a house – that is what was called the “Bachelors House” I guess Uncle Henry or cousin John or whoever lived there at one time next door to the main house – after the Civil War the family used that house instead of rebuilding.


I love the big old oak trees with the massive spread of branches that in places actually touch the ground – some of these trees are over 200 years old.  Spanish Moss hangs from the trees – very common in places in the coastal south.


I believe the ferns growing on the trees are called “resurrection ferns” green after moisture, brown when a dry spell hits.


I love this big old tree and took a photo of it with my phone too so I could use it as my “wallpaper” for awhile


A lot of formal gardens with shrubs – I was surprised though not to see more flowers here.


I love how the moss and branches hang over the river here.  It was in this area that we saw our first alligator at the plantation.


Just the head above water.


An alligator –We saw at least 3 at Middleton Place.


I have just way too many photos and no way I can post them all!  The magnolia blooms and the swans that I posted one day while we were gone were from here as well.

We didn’t take a tour of the house as you had to pay extra for it and we knew we would be seeing the inside of at least 4 or 5 houses so we just looked from the outside.


In the formal gardens there were sculptures at the end of the paths but like I say very little in the line of flowers – I think they must have been plentiful in April and May.

Next up Drayton Hall Plantation – sometime tomorrow.

I have gotten started on the next POTC block and I’m taking step by step photos for the tutorial – I will most likely do the tutorial in 3 or 4 steps as I take more than enough photos as you all know LOL

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