Quilting, Hot, Windy

Joseph’s Coat, quilts, Red & Green Traditional Applique

I can’t believe how windy it has been the last couple of days – we normally do not have such   windy days in summer – hot yes, breezy yes, but not a strong wind all day.  We are lucky we do not have fires also like places in the west.

Sometimes in the summer I will bring some hand piecing out to the porch to work on and I haven’t been able to do that since we got home on Sunday – too windy!

I got about a 1/3 of the way done with a POTC block – which I am not showing as I am using that for the tutorial – I hope to finish the block in the next couple days and then start to put the tutorial together.

Yesterday besides the block I am working on I also finished one side of the applique that I am working on for the Red and Green quilt.  It has been awhile since I showed it – it is just that you really can’t see any progress as the thread matches the green strip!  I have this green strip all the way around the four sides of the quilt – one side the stitching is done!  I might bring it with me to quilt group on Friday and lay it out.


this is the area I quilted yesterday on Joseph’s Coat.


This is what is left to do on this “row”.  When I get to the end of this length I will be 1/10th of the way done!  What a long way to go Smile


I think I am pretty much back into my daily routine here at home now that vacation is over.  Back to the fitness center yesterday for walking, weights (although with these skinny arms you can’t even tell I use them!) and bike – it is too hot to exercise outside for me for the rest of the summer – I tend to wilt in the sun – I am a shade person and barely do anything in my yard if it isn’t in the shade in the summer – how people manage without covered porches and big shade trees is beyond me!  I sound like a southern belle LOL – I have picked up southern habits after being here for 32 years!  I don’t even walk as fast as I used to – oh wait that is age not habit!

More vacation photos later in the day.

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  • Doreen Jun 20, 2012

    Oh, come on, Karen…..we all know you can do anything you put your mind to! It’s just that you/we have reached the age that we can say “I don’t have to do that!” and be perfectly comfortable with it (at least I find myself in that ‘boat’ lately…hehe!). Here, it’s either super windy or pushing the upper 90’s AND windy! Actually, seems like we have been having a stretch of Missouri-like weather! A/C is on enough to eliminate the humidity and lower the temp just a bit. Sewing at the kitchen/dining table will work for me today! Just noticed…..clouds moving in—rain??? Hugs, D
    Doreen recently posted…Father’s Day and ‘Ole Miss’………My Profile

  • Karen L. Jun 20, 2012

    Yep, it’s hot, hot, hot in NC too. Ugh! Cannot stand to be outside. I don’t walk as fast as I used to either ….. nor do I do a lot of other things fast either. But it’s good to be alive even if a bit slower. No use complaining since it doesn’t change anything, right? As long as we can quilt, we can keep smiling!

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