Monday, July 2, 2012

Sometimes because I do so much by hand for piecing, applique and quilting I just don’t have anything new to blog about- progress is measured in small doses – today is one of those days.  I am working on the same projects but don’t feel like there is anything new to up date on those.

Joseph’s Coat is coming along nicely and I quilted for 1 1/2 hours last night – but basically unless you are really looking at photos – it doesn’t look any different –  see it looks the same – I am finished with the very palest of the yellow colors though.


POTC is coming along as well but I didn’t do any stitching  – I did spend time yesterday cursing at freezer paper and my printer while I was trying to print out fabric – I need a lot of white pieces for this quilt top and it was white fabric that I was printing templates on.  I really and truly think I got ahold of a bad batch of freezer paper sheets though as my fabric doesn’t want to stay on it.  I have never had that problem before but this Bella White doesn’t seem to want to stick.  I have washed the fabric as is advised to do and using a very hot iron with no steam as always.  I am not a beginner at freezer paper and have never run into this problem before.  In fact sometimes I have to reheat the freezer paper to pull it off of the fabric.  I’m beginning to think it is a combination of this fabric and the freezer paper.  I finally got the fabric printed out that I had prepped and even though there was a little waste I have enough to last me a couple weeks once again.

This is what a sheet of the fabric looks like when you have printed on it.   There is a little waste, but if you really want to do it right you can custom size your printer to print exactly the right size on to your fabric.  I just set aside anything that is still useable size after I cut what I am using and rinse it out and the ink come out and that piece will go in the scrap pile (which I have not been working on by the way – one day).  the piece shown has no useable area but some have several inches on one side.  I use a rotary cutter to cut the rows of templates and then when watching tv or whatever I snip the ends off with scissors.  Some people will stack these and then use a rotary cutter for the whole process but I feel like I might line it up wrong and don’t want to get off the lines.


This is what I mean about snipping the ends off – you can see here what I mean.  Busy work yes, but I don’t mind keeping my hands busy and really doesn’t take a lot of time if you are just sitting watching tv.


I’m glad I found these little bins – they really come in handy for keeping templates together for this project.



Ok, other than the above projects that you have seen  – what have I been doing – reading!  I found a perfectly wonderful novel that took up the weekend for me – I did pay for this one, but just 2.99 – Have you all read this one by Cynthia Lee Cartier “ My Way Home”  Here is a link to it on Amazon – just click on the book cover and it should bring you to the link.   I have never read anything by her and I just loved this book and stayed up until 11 last night to finish it.  I will need to look and see if I can find anything else by her.

My Way Home

And here is my new laptop – I just love the photo that I chose for my screen saver – it is from the Rocky Mountains last year on a hike we took.  And I love the new computer now that it is all set up and I don’t have to keep asking Mike where something is and why isn’t it in the same place it was on the old computer – I drove him nuts yesterday I know.


So I guess I have a blog post after all – just a lot of insane chatter as though we were all here in the same room – a bunch of quilters in the sewing room together chatting as we are piecing and quilting Smile have a good day everyone – keep your fingers crossed for rain – we actually are not to get in the 100’s today and have a 30% chance of rain this afternoon – chance are the rain will miss us but I hope we get some.