Karen on July 3rd, 2012

Have you ever thought to make your own stiletto for helping you press your seams open or to poke those corners into submission when sewing?  I saw this done some place and I haven’t a clue where (EDITED: @ 7:18 Karen L. reminded me that Bonnie Hunter had this on her site – yes that is where I remember seeing it!)– get yourself a package of poultry lacers – I found a package of eight on line for under $5.00 – only 4 inches long – they most likely come in longer sizes as well.


You need some glue for jewelry/metal


Some beads:


Place small dots of glue on the metal lacer – slide a bead on it, another dot or two of glue and another bead – continue as you want.  The glue dries so fast that I held them up straight for only a minute or so and could prop them on the clothespin until they dried.


This will be enough for every sewing box I have.   I think I am going to make up the whole package Smile it takes about 2 minutes or less to make each one and so easy to do.  Would be a nice little gift for a quilting/sewing friend wouldn’t they.

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Karen on July 3rd, 2012

It is amazing at times how color can be different in different lightings.  I showed this POTC block several times as I was making it, last night I took a photo of it complete and it looks a bit darker than it is.  One main difference is some of the other blocks I took the photo by laying the blocks on the carpet – this one is on the new ironing board cover for the big ironing board – makes a difference.


I have another block laid out and ready to start on today but first I am going outside to read on the porch while it is below 90 degrees out!

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