Thursday, July 5, 2012

More Stilettos

by Karen on July 5, 2012

in quilts, sewing room

I finished making the whole package of Stilettos.  It was a fun 5 minutes or so – such an easy project.  I have plenty of beads left over – jewelry is not something I wear much of and I don’t normally make any but I might need to make a couple of necklaces or something with the left over beads so they won’t sit around for years unused.

Right now I have them all standing up in a small pottery mug that I have.  I will put one in each sewing kit and leave the rest standing for now as decoration on the cutting table.  The mug is tiny but too big for these to show much of – I might need to find something even tinier to show them off a little bit!  The stilettos are 4 inches in length so that shows how small this mug is!


The long stiletto is the only one I ever had before – it is nice, just felt like making more!  Just something creative that took only seconds to do for each one.


I got more quilting done on Joseph’s Coat last night and got started on another POTC block.  Mike installed a BlueRay player for the tv that is in the quilting/office room that we used.  Now I don’t need to put my computer on the back of the quilting frame to watch shows off of Netflix.  I am almost done with “Folye’s War” so I will need to move on to another series soon.  One problem I had with watching Netflix shows on the computer is the newer shows didn’t come across well – speed? I don’t know what the problem is but the shows in the last 3 or 4 years – or a good lot of them – I haven’t been able to watch on the computer as they “froze up”.  Now I will be able to watch anything that is available.  I think when I am done with this current series as I will be soon I will try Downtown Abbey so many have recommended it.

Quilt Group meets tonight I will bring the camera and maybe there will be a bit of a quilt show for tomorrow’s post – this group usually has quit a bit of show and tell.  My Friday morning quilt group is cancelled until the end of July as so many are taking vacations and we are a very small group – I think I will be exercising on Friday’s now instead for that time period.

I might not be sticking quite so much in the quilting room though for the next week, the news says we will get a break in our weather soon – I hope so!!  It will be nice if we get cooler wetter weather.